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Zendaya Surprises Fans During Labrinth’s Coachella Set

Frank Ocean may have been absent from Coachella Weekend 2, but fans were in for a surprise with a special appearance by Zendaya. On Saturday night, the actress made her first live musical performance in seven years, joining Labrinth on stage. The duo performed two songs, “I’m Tired” and “All For Us,” both of which were featured in the acclaimed HBO series Euphoria, where Zendaya had a prominent role. Notably, she co-wrote “I’m Tired.”

Expressing her gratitude for the memorable night, Zendaya wrote, “I cannot express my gratitude enough for this magical night. Thank you, my brother Labrinth, for inviting me and providing me with the most beautiful safe space to be on a stage again. And to the crowd tonight… wow… my heart is so full. I can’t thank you enough for the love I received tonight, which melted away all my nerves. I’m so grateful.”

Although Zendaya initially rose to fame on Disney’s Shake It Up, she briefly ventured into music in 2013 with her debut album, Zendaya. While her single “Replay” achieved some success, she decided to prioritize her acting career. In the past, she has revealed that she left the music industry due to various reasons, including “bad contracts.” However, her recent collaboration with Labrinth in 2022 suggests that there might be more music in her future.

Zendaya took to Twitter to explain her hiatus from music, stating, “I stepped away from music quite a while ago, for a number of reasons, but I still really love it.” She expressed her appreciation for the overwhelming kindness and support she received after her recent return to music, describing it as meaning the world to her.

Videos from the event captured the surprise and elation of fans upon seeing Zendaya on stage. For her appearance, the singer donned a pink dress and black leather thigh-high boots. Following the show, the 26-year-old Emmy winner took to her Instagram Story to express her gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support.

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