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Zendaya Partners with On: Exciting Multi-Year Deal Unveiled

From stealing the show at the Met Gala with multiple outfit switches to playing tennis at the Challengers, Zendaya is a master at expressing stories through fashion. So, it’s exciting but not shocking that she’s diving deeper into this passion with her latest style adventure—a lasting partnership with the sportswear giant On.

Famed for its collaborations with Loewe and the go-to versatile sneakers for stars on the move, the Swiss performance-wear brand On just declared its exciting new venture with the actress. They plan to join forces on innovative campaigns and fresh twists on product lines for the next few years. Zendaya, already a big fan of the brand, shared her enthusiasm: “To officially partner with On feels like everything’s come full circle,” she said.

To launch this collaboration, On introduced “Dream Together,” a short film featuring Zendaya and directed by choreographer C Prinz. The film shows how individual actions and community spirit blend seamlessly. In the scene set in a sports stadium that brightens gradually, Zendaya walks confidently down the track wearing a black long-sleeve zip-up, icy blue leggings, legwarmers, and comfy Cloudtilt sneakers. She moves smoothly into a crowd of dancers and athletes, embodying the campaign’s spirit of unity through sport.

“Zendaya is the perfect ally to help our brand reach new heights, evolve, and connect with audiences globally,” commented David Allemann, Co-Founder of On.

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