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Barry Keoghan Becomes the Face of OMEGA’s New Speedmaster Moonwatch

Actor Barry Keoghan has been announced as the latest ambassador for OMEGA, serving as the face of the Speedmaster Moonwatch Bi-Colour collection launch. This partnership between Keoghan and OMEGA is official now, but it’s not a new relationship for the Academy Award winner, who has been a long-time fan of the brand. In fact, Keoghan even wore a 1930s Lépine “Sideros” pocket watch by OMEGA to the Met Gala, showcasing his appreciation for the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch is an iconic timepiece with a storied history. It has been the preferred choice of astronauts for decades and has been a part of every moon landing. The new Bi-Color version of the Moonwatch features a striking contrast design that incorporates two premium materials: stainless steel and 18K “Moonshine” gold. The watch’s silvery dial is framed by a black ceramic bezel, which includes the tachymeter scale crafted in OMEGA’s Ceragold. The subdials provide a contrasting visual appeal, being presented in galvanic 18K Moonshine Gold. Additionally, another version of the watch uses rose gold extensively, highlighting this luxurious metal across the entire face of the watch while the subdials are presented in black.

The partnership with OMEGA is yet another significant milestone in Barry Keoghan’s rapidly ascending career. Over the past year, Keoghan has seen a remarkable rise in prominence. His performance in the critically acclaimed film “Saltburn” generated significant buzz, adding to his growing list of impressive roles. Moreover, his relationship with singer Sabrina Carpenter went public last month, drawing considerable attention and fanfare. Keoghan’s increasing popularity and success seem unstoppable, making him a fitting representative for a prestigious brand like OMEGA.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch Bi-Colour collection, now available for purchase at select OMEGA Boutiques, represents the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship. Each watch is priced at $18,100 USD, reflecting the high-quality materials and intricate design that OMEGA is known for. The collection appeals to both watch enthusiasts and collectors, offering a blend of classic style and modern elegance.

OMEGA’s decision to choose Barry Keoghan as the face of this collection aligns with their tradition of partnering with influential and stylish figures. Keoghan’s unique charm, combined with his rapidly growing influence in the entertainment industry, makes him an ideal ambassador for the brand. His genuine appreciation for OMEGA’s craftsmanship and history further enhances the authenticity of this partnership.

For those interested in the Speedmaster Moonwatch Bi-Colour collection, visiting an OMEGA Boutique will offer an opportunity to experience these exquisite timepieces firsthand. The collection’s combination of stainless steel and Moonshine gold, along with its ceramic bezel and Ceragold tachymeter scale, exemplifies OMEGA’s commitment to innovation and excellence in watchmaking.

As Barry Keoghan continues to make waves in Hollywood and beyond, his association with OMEGA is expected to draw even more attention to the brand’s already legendary status. Whether it’s through his roles on the big screen or his public appearances, Keoghan’s influence is likely to further elevate OMEGA’s profile.

To sum up, Barry Keoghan’s role as the new ambassador for OMEGA’s Speedmaster Moonwatch Bi-Colour collection marks an exciting chapter for both the actor and the brand. With his rising stardom and genuine admiration for OMEGA, Keoghan brings a fresh and compelling energy to this iconic timepiece. The Speedmaster Moonwatch Bi-Colour collection, with its luxurious materials and impeccable design, is set to capture the hearts of watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world, solidifying OMEGA’s position as a leader in the world of luxury watches.

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