Karen Salicath Jamali Unveils Latest Single "Angel Uriel"
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Karen Salicath Jamali Unveils Latest Single “Angel Uriel”

Renowned composer and pianist Karen Salicath Jamali has released her latest single, “Angel Uriel.” Known for her deeply spiritual and evocative compositions, Jamali continues to explore themes of light, love, and divine wisdom through her music.

Angel Uriel” is a serene and meditative piece inspired by the Archangel Uriel, often associated with light and enlightenment. The track’s origins are as mystical as its subject matter; Karen composed the piece after experiencing a vivid dream in which she felt a profound connection to Uriel. This dream-inspired creation aims to encapsulate the essence of Uriel, inviting listeners to feel the angel’s presence through the music.

In “Angel Uriel,” Jamali’s piano work is delicate yet powerful, with a flowing melody that guides the listener through an emotional landscape. The composition opens with soft, inviting notes that gradually build into a more complex and layered structure, mirroring the journey from darkness into light.

Karen’s unique approach to composition is deeply personal and intuitive. Her music often emerges from her subconscious, as was the case with “Angel Uriel.” By translating her dream into a musical piece, she seeks to convey the spiritual message she received. The result is a track that not only soothes but also uplifts, offering a sense of peace and enlightenment to its listeners.

“Angel Uriel” is the latest addition to Karen Salicath Jamalis’s growing catalog of angelic-themed music. Her previous works, including the album Angel Pollination, have similarly drawn on spiritual and natural themes, earning her recognition and praise in the contemporary classical music scene. Each of her compositions serves as a reflection of her inner experiences and her connection to the divine.

Karen Salicath Jamali’s journey from visual artist to composer is evidence of her versatile talent and deep well of creativity. Her music, much like her art, is infused with a sense of purpose and passion. With “Angel Uriel,” she continues to share her gift of music with the world, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own spirituality through the universal language of sound.

“Angel Uriel” is now available on various streaming platforms. Fans of Karen Salicath Jamali’s work are sure to find this latest release an inspiring addition to her discography.

Listen to “Angel Uriel” here:

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