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An Interview with Nini Iris: From “The Voice” to Global Recognition

Nini Iris first caught the world’s attention with her stunning performances on “The Voice,” guided by the mentorship of Niall Horan. In this interview, Nini Iris reflects on her time on the show, sharing how it shaped her musical journey and boosted her confidence. Nini is also set to drop the visualizer for their new single “Psycho” on Wednesday, June 12.

Can you share a pivotal moment during your time on The Voice that significantly impacted your musical career? What was it like working with Niall Horan as your mentor?

Niall is an amazing human being and a great mentor. He made me feel so comfortable and  calm which is  crucial while being on a show like The Voice. He boosted my confidence and gave me wonderful advice when it came to my performances. Singing in front of such a wide audience made me dive even deeper into my artistry and work harder than ever to make sure people would see the best version of me. 

Having debuted on the global stage with such a powerful voice, what has been the most surprising or challenging aspect of bringing your music to an international audience?

I was concerned about how America would take me not only because I was non American but also because of the genre I chose to be in. It was challenging to take songs and make it my own way so that people would see me and also like what I did to them. It is a TV show after all and even though I always try to stay true to who I am I also wanted to stay in the competition for as long as I could, so I had to make some sacrifices not changing the songs too much.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations, and how do they influence your work? Are there any artists you dream of collaborating with in the future?

I love music and I love different genres. They have all impacted my musicality so it’s always hard to pick. But I would say Radiohead, Björk, Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley, Aretha Franklin etc. Writing songs with Thom Yorke and Björk sounds like a beautiful fantasy.

How important is it for you to represent your Georgian heritage in your music? Do you feel a sense of responsibility to introduce your culture to your listeners?

It’s an honour for me to represent Georgia. I love my country and my culture which makes it fun for me to put some of the cultural elements in my music. It is a responsibility in a way I guess but I do it because I love it not because I have to. And I think it makes my music so much more interesting, deep and different.

What goes through your mind when you step onto the stage? How do you prepare for a live performance?

Every time I have a show it’s a celebration for me. Being able to pour my heart on the stage and connect with the people is a blessing. When I sing my songs I get in that zone where I take myself and the listeners to the times when I wrote those songs and why I wrote those songs. Because my songs aren’t just songs, they tell my story.

Since the release of “Lovesong,” what kind of feedback have you received from your fans, especially those from Georgia? Are there plans for a music video for the song?

Lovesong was one of the highlighted performances I did on The Voice. It was a special moment for me as I dedicated that performance to my family and my people. Georgians are sincerely proud of me and are so supportive which I can even physically feel over social media. So far I’m not planning on shooting a music video for it.

How do you define success as an artist? Are there specific milestones or achievements you’re striving for?

Right now I’m focused on writing a lot of new music and doing shows. I believe that setting smaller goals will take me far and eventually I would love a grammy why not (haha).

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