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We Are Probably Getting New Lil’ Kim Music

DJ Boogie, Lil’ Kim’s official tour DJ, has provided hope for longtime fans by teasing the release of new music and confirming the completion of her highly anticipated memoir, “The Queen Bee.”

A photo of Lil’ Kim and DJ Boogie arm-in-arm was shared on Boogie’s Instagram, tagging “The Notorious K.I.M” and hinting at an upcoming seventh studio album, the release of Kim’s first book, and a tour. The caption accompanying the picture excitedly stated, “NEW MUSIC ON THE WAY. HER BOOK IS DONE & SHE COMING 2 YOUR CITY WITH HER FAVORITE DJ.”

During an appearance on The Real in 2019, the Brooklyn rapper confirmed that her next album would feature collaborations with Missy Elliott and Paris Hilton. In an interview with Radio 103.9, she also mentioned an upcoming track with City Girls.

For fans eagerly awaiting the comeback of the self-proclaimed “Queen of Rap,” this announcement is a source of optimism. Last fall, anticipation grew with the release of Megan Thee Stallion‘s “Plan B” remix, which featured Lil’ Kim. However, the track was briefly released on streaming services before being taken down within hours. A comment from a fan expressed skepticism, mentioning that while they love Kim, they will believe the promotional announcements when they witness the actual release: “Unfortunately Kim hasn’t been true to her word and delivery when it comes to her music AND ESPECIALLY THAT BOOK!

Nevertheless, there are fans who remain unfazed by the delays and are simply eager to see their favorite artist perform live. One fan eagerly stated, “Cannot wait!!!!!! I still have my book pre-ordered and I’m ready to cop my concert tickets.”

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