Album Spotlight: ‘Keep It Lit’ By Kamaiyah
Album Spotlight: ‘Keep It Lit’ By Kamaiyah
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Album Spotlight: ‘Keep It Lit’ By Kamaiyah

Powerful rapper and artist Kamaiyah shares ‘Keep It Lit’ the EP with millions of streams and seven stunning songs we love! Always true to herself and her art, Kamaiyah tells real stories in every one of her songs without fear, and it’s a sight to behold! A Pitchfork review reads: “​​Kamaiyah’s percussive vocals add texture and bounce. She strikes gold when she melds her Too $hort-like bars with melody-driven R&B croons. A devout fan of the S.O.S. Band, TLC, and the Temptations, her smooth vocals offset lackluster lyrics. In Kamaiyah’s throat, even a simple “mhm” morphs from a filler word to a soulful affirmation.”

Platinum-certified rapper and KEEP IT LIT RECORDS label founder Kamaiyah quietly positioned herself as not only a force on the microphone, but also as a sharp businesswoman. After nearly 250 million streams, sold out shows everywhere, and widespread acclaim, she grew into a bright future ignited by tv/movie syncings.

Along the way, Kamaiyah launched KEEP IT LIT RECORDS as “one of the industry’s only labels owned by an African-American female.” Aligning with STEM as a partner, she sequestered herself in the studio, capturing the fire of her earliest output. She propelled the project to further fan and tastemaker praise. She continues to make boss moves in 2022 with more to come.

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