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Mimi Webb Unleashes Electrifying New Single “Mistake” and Lights Up Stages Across America

Mimi Webb, the dynamic sensation from the UK, ignites the airwaves with her latest single, “Mistake.” Coinciding with her captivating role as the supporting act on Benson Boone‘s Fireworks and Rollerblades Tour in the US, Webb’s newest release sets a fiery tone for her upcoming festival performances.

Collaborating with the renowned songwriter Ryan Tedder, whose illustrious portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants like Adele, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift, Webb fearlessly delves into uncharted territories with “Mistake.” The track serves as a daring invitation to embrace desire without reservation, embodying Webb’s audacious spirit and unwavering authenticity.

Amidst her third tour across the US, Webb’s presence on stage is electrifying, marking her most expansive live showcase to date. Opening for Benson Boone, she commands attention with each performance, leaving audiences captivated and craving more.

The journey doesn’t stop there. Webb’s star continues to ascend as she graces the stages of major North American music festivals, including NYC’s Governors Ball, Montreal’s Osheaga Festival, and Chicago’s Lollapalooza, with more prestigious appearances yet to be unveiled. It’s a testament to her undeniable talent and burgeoning acclaim in the global music scene.

Behind the spotlight, Mimi Webb‘s rise to prominence is nothing short of extraordinary. Signing with Epic Records in 2021, she quickly amassed over a quarter-billion streams and captured the admiration of tastemakers worldwide. Her debut EP, “Seven Shades of Heartbreak,” introduced her to a mainstream audience, yielding chart-topping hits like “Good Without” and “Dumb Love,” cementing her status as a rising pop sensation.

With the release of her debut studio album, Amelia, Webb’s trajectory reached new heights, peaking at #4 on the UK Albums Chart. Hits like “House On Fire,” boasting over 115 million Spotify streams, propelled her into the spotlight, solidifying her place among music’s elite.

As Mimi Webb embarks on the Fireworks and Rollerblades Tour alongside Benson Boone, she remains steadfast in her commitment to authenticity and connection. With each note, she invites listeners into her world, sharing her story and unfiltered emotions with unparalleled honesty.

In the words of Mimi Webb herself, “When you listen to me, I hope you feel what I’m singing about.” With her music, she transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and souls around the world.

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