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Matty Marz Strikes Gold with Electrifying New Single and Video, “Lacazette”

Electro-pop sensation Matty Marz unveils her latest masterpiece, “Lacazette.” Following the resounding success of her previous club anthem, “EPILL,” Matty propels herself further into the stratosphere of pop superstardom with this adrenaline-fueled track. Both singles serve as tantalizing teasers for her forthcoming debut album, “m.w.u,” poised to shake up the music scene later this year.

“Lacazette” pulsates with thudding 808s and vibrant percussion, delivering a fast-paced, heart-pounding anthem of self-empowerment. “It’s a self-empowerment bop cloaked in lush instrumentation,” Matty reveals, infusing the track with a palpable energy that inspires listeners to conquer the world and score that winning goal in any situation.

Accompanying the track is a mesmerizing music video that transports viewers into Matty Marz‘s visually stunning world. With enthralling choreography, a dizzying boxing ring scene, playful football references, and a raucous house party, the video is a feast for the senses, offering a tantalizing glimpse into Matty’s artistic vision.

Based in New York, Matty Marz represents a new wave of young trans women who are making waves in the pop music landscape. Armed with a background in classical music and a wealth of experience in production, performance, dance, and songwriting, Matty weaves a captivating tapestry of unapologetic lyricism, experimental electronic beats, and hypnotic melodies. With “Lacazette,” she reaffirms her status as a trailblazer in pop stardom, carving out a sonic lane uniquely her own.

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