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Exclusive Interview With “Partyin’ Was Fun” Artist Kaekingkally

Urban rapper and songwriter, Kaekingkally, recently dropped his debut single “Partyin’ Was Fun.” The Hip Hop artist reveals new details about the track that was sampled from a song called “Breathless” by All-4-One.

Kaekingkally also talked about how he has to work hard every day in order to deliver the best version of himself to the public. The young up-and-comer shared never-heard-before secrets from his days on the streets and told us how he evolved into a more mature person.

Read more of the artist’s confessions, thoughts, and feelings below:

You’ve started the year with the release of “Partyin’ Was Fun.” Let’s talk about how the song evolved and what inspired you to write it! Why did you choose this track as your debut single?

Because it’s a hit! I knew it by the time I finished writing half of it. It all began once I went on YouTube searching for 90’s beats. I don’t do that method anymore and the views were low so I was very lucky to have purchased it from the seller, it only cost me $100 bucks to purchase, shout out to the guy who sampled it for me. I ain’t going to put him out like that but I show love. “Partyin’ Was Fun” the sample is from a song called “Breathless” by All-4-One.

What is it like to have total control over the entire creative process? Is it difficult to manage all aspects or is it fun? Songwriting, mixing, or mastering? What is your favorite part of music production?

I’ll say it’s easier than me getting a girl’s number. I always wanted to create more. I love being in the studio. The only thing that keeps me away from the musical room is money unfortunately. I said I like asking my engineer ‘err can you put this here when it comes to the mixing ok over there when it comes to the mastering’ the intelligence of what I can do as an artist, I care so much, that’s why if you listen to my music they’re great.

We heard that you’re a breakdancer as well as a musician. Is that true? Do you still dance? Or are you more focused on making music?

That’s very funny! No I’m very focused on my music now all of that spinning around on the floor is long gone. I can still do it but not in front of the public’s eye. I ain’t tryna embarrass myself I mean is it embarrassment, but I’m a rapper in the end, I cannot mess around I cannot mess things up. I have a strong reputation now everybody’s seen it so it’s there that people are still getting a glimpse of my art as a Rapper. I’ve become one so I’m legit.

Are you one of those people who were born with the talent or do you have to work hard for it every single day? What was it like growing up and what kind of music did you listen to?

I mean I was gifted in what I present  some people not all are scared to aim at darts with a tungsten dart we are all gifted in everything don’t miss it try and get the tungsten dart in the middle of the darts circle never   concentrate on peoples opinion I mean if it’s true I’ll know because I’m not a narc narcissist but I did me that’s why I’m here and they’re stuck there no disrespect to be honesty with you I’m not just saying this because you asked me do I have to work hard for it every single day because on the before question I answered easier than me getting a girls number but yes it is hard I have to keep thinking smarter in order to change my art by looking at my previous art and seeing what needs to be changed it was hard growing up too kicked out of my moms house police coming to my moms house on a daily basis because of me sometimes and i promise you everything I say is true I am not a liar I feel like some people lie in order to gain success I’m not a gangster but I’m from the streets believe me when I say you don’t see it in me because I am street smart that’s what someone said to me I don’t have anger problems to I’m real I’ve got a good hurt don’t judge me because I’m saying all this I care a lot that’s why I have no friends the released ones die quickly the fake ones stay for long I mean you have to be fake in order to win a little bit because the world is bizarre growing up I stole from the corner stores snacks candies sweeties at the age of eight I didn’t mean to man but the environment I was in was pretty trash I did it because my mom would lock the kitchen I would enter in there and freestyle cook with peas and pasta mixed with water and seasonings with a drip of oil sometimes bread and sardines my mom really liked it I eat it how was it sweet but the bones man would I still eat it man I ain’t had it in years it taught me how hard life is all of the rich kids that have it easy or had it easy hey thank who ever put you on because how I grew up no hot shower for weeks I felt two days electricity then goes off I’m not saying the word bread and sardines because biggie smalls mentions it in he’s song called juicy how stupid can people be at the time my mom was a hard working women raising three kids me my brother and my sister It was fun stealing from the grocery store I have to admit it stacks because everything was for free but at the same time I didn’t mean to that’s why I used the word Phansigar in my song partyin was fun look up the word Phansigar and learn what it means if I ever become successful rich I can remember where I came from some people that become successful forget where they came from expelled from every single school I attended I’m older now dropping out of college I’m younger taking coins out of my teachers purse in school I was about eight or nine years of age I didn’t mean to steal I just wanted to buy sweeties from the store after school I got in trouble by the teachers they phoned my dad cause they knew he had anger problems he let me in he’s house at night in the live room and told me to take my whole entire close off I was butt naked told me to kneel down with one hand on the floor and one hand behind my back it was a punishment to never steal again and my father said look at your small willie getting put in mental schools fighting with a light skin dude it wasn’t like schools I attended it was people who had mental illness a teacher grabbed both of us I can’t remember if she did grab both of us but if she didn’t it was another way then she made us go out of the class room because we we’re arguing me and the guy she opened the door then shut it she’s going back to teaching three or four students and then game on I’m fighting the boy swinging at the boy face with my fist he’s swinging back he won tho because of the knee that went towards my belly then we cooled it now the teacher she’s letting us back in class let me take you more back growing up neighbours banging on my moms house wall stalking my whole entire family harassing my mom every time i would go out they’ll jump out listening to our conversations why they did what they did I’ll say it had to do with being jealousy jealousy and envy I’ll be at the store they were already there my mom would beat me up badly she was kind of a bully I was hit numerous of time with a wooden stick my dad would brake wooden cooking sticks on me if I didn’t read instead of reading my book I’m playing on my PlayStation he would tell me what’s three times five I know I should’ve known at nine or ten but it doesn’t mean you beat a kid down I’m crying screaming that’s why I wanted to become a rapper to share my art with the world like how Jesus shared he’s art with the world dying on the cross I want to bring joy into good not bad peoples life’s that have it hard or are going through what I went though when i didn’t have all this I was homeless I was nearly sent to being taking care of by foster parents nighty five percent out of one hundred uhh man five percent off close one one time I was hungry so I called the police to buy me McDonald’s two police officers standing in my moms kitchen saying how can we buy you mc Donald’s I would call the police because my dad would beat me the teachers are phoning saying I’m not behaving in school what because I didn’t do my  school work society is so fucked up  if teachers kept giving me a chance I would do better but instead of that they shout at students then it escalates into violation. what music everything what ever was on television tv Rock n roll I was born in 1999 so by the time I fully functioned the two thousand era came through understand there was no YouTube no Netflix everything was on cds dvds in the meantime people leaked the songs no wonder why people get money off putting there song online it’s because of back then.

Name three artists that have influenced and shaped your sound!

Nas, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Eazy E, but most definitely 2pac. I listen to him more than any other artist that I named.

Do you plan to follow “Partyin’ Was Fun” with a sophomore single? Is there a debut album on the horizon?

No, there isn’t. This will be my first single as how I started off.

“Partyin’ Was Fun” reminds listeners of old school Hip Hop. Why do you think people feel nostalgic about that era?

Because it was the only old school there was back then so for a man like me to really do it really bring it back believe me when I say I don’t do gimmicks so anybody that things I’m joking around with this whole hip hop thing think not I bet yall don’t even know I studied east coast rap New York that’s how I become a westcoast rapper it’s all because of New York all the east coast rappers I looked up to I learnt the science of hip hop that’s why I’m great that’s why listeners are intrigued and plus I’m not even from America I’m from the east of London borough Newham that just shows you it doesn’t matter where your from it’s not about where your from for example 2pac was from New York I understand he was still from America and I’m from the United Kingdom England London and he was a westcoast rapper it’s all because he learnt the science of New York raps like how I learnt and that’s why people think I’m trying to be like him because of that but they don’t know I studied nas before Tupac i studied Ice cube before 2pac so how am I copying him hatters will say anything to destroy your real claim any ways proof is there that’s like me saying michael Jackson copied james brown then in a A few years time a singer comes in the weekend uhh he sounds like michael Jackson it’s influence that’s like me saying Jay Z sounds like jaz o no he doesn’t we all looked up to something even god looked up to something I don’t know maybe he looked up to the dark let there be light but Jay Z does copy so hmm And what inspired me to write it movies like Boyz in da hood.

Listen to “Partyin’ Was Fun” here:

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