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Renowned DJ, Artist, & Producer Ridley Bronson Sits Down With Us For A Chat

Talented house music creator Ridley Bronson sits down with PopCultr for a chat! No newcomer to the game, Bronson has garnered the attention of hundreds of thousands of listeners with incredible tracks that are perfect for the dancefloor but are also deeply emotive. Playing shows all over the Midwest, the DJ and producer has managed to steal away people’s hearts with his infectious energy and irresistible charm. With over 350k streams, Ridley Bronson, through his own record label, has delivered many original tracks created both by him and other artists. In 2022, Ridley Bronson continued to release great music and dropped different mixes of his much-loved track “Remedy”, which you can check out below! In addition to the Remix EP, the beatmaker also shared “Never Knew You” and “Choose To Dance.”

Let’s talk about “Fool,” your latest track! What is this song about, and how did you come up with it?

“Fool” is a track I tested live for a while. I created it to play it live in my sets and did not initially plan to release it. However, after getting insane crowd reactions, I decided it was time to release it. I used my go-too drums paired with a catchy bassline that the lead synth follows, purposely making it simple and easy to dance to. Adding a classic R&B vocal felt right and took the song to another level. 

How does it feel to have hundreds upon thousands of streams on your music? 

It’s crazy, and I’m grateful people enjoy what I’m producing. I feel reaffirmed that I’m on the correct path, and it’s undoubtedly a fantastic look for promoters and booking agents. 

We’ve heard you first intrigued by hip-hop and only later transitioned to EDM and house. What caused this shift? How has hip-hop influenced your art?

After being behind the scenes for a while as a producer and sound engineer, I was ready to start my own project as an artist. The energy from listening to house music at clubs and festivals was infectious. My friends and I couldn’t get enough of it, inspiring me to make the shift. Many of the same production techniques are used in both genres, so I always felt like I knew what I was doing. Hip-hop has influenced my art in a few different ways. I pay close attention to my drum selection and samples for each song, much like how drums/samples are crucial in hip-hop beats. 

You’ve performed at a number of different venues. Which one of your live sessions would you say is the most memorable and why?

One of the first times I ever DJ’d was at a party in High School. I was a producer in the scene then, and my friends were throwing a party with local musicians at a huge loft. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the booked DJ backed out, and they asked me to DJ last minute. I played for over 200 people and didn’t know what I was doing, but I made it out alive. The funniest part was I was set up on the kitchen island, but the stereo system was across the room. We had to hook the aux cord to the ceiling beams and run the cord across the room to the stereo system so no one would trip on it. We daisy-chained several cords so it would reach. 

What do you think about AI tools for music? Do you believe the future holds more automated rather than creative solutions for musicians?

Some of the best music comes from happy accidents by musicians – AI can’t replicate this. However, it’s an option and tool for producers that may benefit their music. Unfortunately, I need to dabble with AI tools more to determine their outcome in the future. 

Name three artists that most inspired you. 

Chris Lake – constantly releasing unique dance records that are bangers 

Skrillex – new album “Quest For Fire” was very inspirational and fresh 

John Summit – the king of catchy house hooks right now 

Are there any plans for future releases or tours that you would like to share with your fans?

Dropping a tune with a sick vocalist soon and signing some fresh tracks to Focus Four. I’ll be playing shows in Denver, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

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