The Chainsmokers Unleash High-Octane Energy with "No Hard Feelings" EP
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The Chainsmokers Unleash High-Octane Energy with ‘No Hard Feelings’ EP

GRAMMY Award-winning duo The Chainsmokers are back and better than ever with their latest EP, No Hard Feelings, now available via RCA Records UK. In this electrifying release, Alex and Drew return to their roots with six club-ready anthems that promise to ignite dancefloors worldwide.

No Hard Feelings sees The Chainsmokers dialing up the energy and refining their signature sound with a collection of tracks that capture the essence of their early days while showcasing their growth as artists. From the pulsating beats of “Addicted” with ZERB and Ink to the infectious melodies of “Friday” featuring GRAMMY nominated R&B singer Fridayy, each song on the EP is a testament to the duo’s unparalleled talent and versatility.

No Hard Feelings EP

  1. No Shade at Pitti
  2. Addicted (w/ Zerb & Ink) 
  3. Friday (w/ Fridayy)
  4. Bad Advice (w/ Elio)
  5. Tennis Court 
  6. Green Lights (demo)

To celebrate the release, The Chainsmokers have unveiled official videos for several tracks, including “Bad Advice” with Elio, “Tennis Court,” and “Green Lights (demo),” all of which transport listeners to a mesmerizing snowy mountain landscape. Additionally, fans can enjoy a special lyric video for the new single “No Shade at Pitti,” further immersing themselves in The Chainsmokers’ sonic universe.

“No Shade at Pitti” sets the tone for the EP with its neon-infused keys and infectious bassline, while “Bad Advice” features ethereal vocals from Canadian pop artist Elio, creating a hypnotic soundscape that is both captivating and exhilarating. With each track, The Chainsmokers invite listeners on a sonic journey filled with pulsating rhythms and euphoric melodies.

As The Chainsmokers usher in a new era with No Hard Feelings, fans can expect even more electrifying music and unforgettable moments from this dynamic duo. So crank up the volume, hit the dancefloor, and let The Chainsmokers take you on a musical adventure like no other.

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