Michael Kors Collection: The New York Times
Michael Kors Collection: The New York Times
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New York Fashion Week in Review

After 20 months of isolation  the New York Fashion Week finally took place regaining its absolute glory. The upcoming Spring 2022 trends we have observed don’t veer too far from the expected: oversized cargo pants, tank dresses, beetle-shaped breastplates,slope-shoulder jackets, cropped trousers, and so on. But each new look has an interesting twist to it.

As designer Jack McCollough said about several pieces “It’s a celebration of a newfound freedom that feels slightly fragile still,” and this could be said about people’s lives. We have found freedom after Covid confinement but it’s still very “fragile”. 

Take a look at 7 of our favorite outfits from New York Fashion Week Below.

LaQuan Smith
Tom Ford
Kim Shui

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