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MIA MURR’s “MONOSUIT at Sharks” Charts The Galaxy With Its Green Fashion Movement

Hailing from Eastern Europe, MIA MURR impresses with “MONOSUIT at Sharks,” her new release, building on the success of “Robot Lover (love fever)” and “Twerk Dancer (Money Cum).” The track promotes her sustainable brand through catchy beats and a pop-dance sound, attracting key investors and showing potential to dominate the charts.

MURR seized the spotlight on Shark Tank, Mark Burnett’s popular entrepreneurial TV show, captivating over 10 million viewers with her performance and fashion brand Monosuit. MIA is swiftly establishing her presence in the fashion world, and her innovative jumpsuits have caught the eye of celebrities like Madonna, Paris Hilton, and Kylie Jenner, bolstering her industry standing.

MIA kicks off the song with a memorable and playful vibe, presenting herself and the innovative monosuit, emphasizing its practicality and cleverly placed zipper for ease. MIA MURR boldly states the garment’s eco-friendly origins from ocean plastic, transforming an environmental issue into a stylish declaration, showcasing the brand’s dedication to sustainability and planet-positive initiatives.


Boosting the monosuit’s image and declaring it “#1 in the galaxy, universally appealing,” the new single; “MONOSUIT at Sharks” not only entertains people but also builds buzz and fosters a sense of belonging and enthusiasm among potential buyers, framing it as a trendy and eco-friendly wardrobe essential.

In “MONOSUIT at Sharks,” MIA’s hyperpop brilliance and homage to her fashion innovation come alive. Channeling influences from Harry Styles to Wet Leg, MURR crafts a unique, futuristic sound for an extraordinary auditory journey. Her lyrics, eerily prophetic, reflect real-world happenings in her life. The artist strives to lead listeners back to youthful exuberance, infusing her music with satire and playful charm.

Listen to “MONOSUIT at Sharks” below:

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