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Stefano Manotti, Italy’s New Superstar Belongs to the Stage

Italy, known for its rich cultural heritage, has given rise to yet another musical gem in the form of Stefano Manotti. A multitalented artist, Stefano is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer, and guitarist whose melodic skills and catchy songs have quickly propelled him into the spotlight. Stefano Manotti made his proper debut in March 2021 with the release of his debut single, “Scorte d’amore,” released under the Soulgem Records label.

Manotti joined the Innovatory of Music in the same month. Founded by Paolo Schianchi, this association and international exchange program aim to bring together Italy’s most promising young talents. Stefano’s inclusion in this prestigious group speaks volumes about his potential and the impact he was already making within the industry.

September 2021 saw Stefano Manotti further solidifying his musical footprint with the release of two singles, “Cercarmi” and “Dove Andare.” What set these tracks apart was the collaboration with Giulio Carmassi, a former member of the Pat Metheny Group. Almost two years ago, in May 2022, Stefano Manotti unveiled his 3-track EP titled “Ideale,” inspired by a variety of sounds and styles. As Stefano performed with the greatest Enrico Ruggeri at the Innovatorio Festival in August 2022, his star was rising.

In January 2023, Stefano Manotti released new single titled “Borsa Nera,” which quickly climbed the ranks in independent web charts. The song also garnered airplay on Mradio. With the release of two singles, “Leap in the Dark” and “Endless Road,” Manotti received a positive review from the A&R Factory blog. They labeled Stefano as a “virtuoso.”

Stefano Manotti’s music is characterized by its sensual sounds that have the power to resonate with listeners. “Endless Road,” in particular, is a romantic masterpiece that touches the hearts of those who experience it. Meanwhile, “Leap in the Dark” has the potential to be the perfect soundtrack for a romantic movie scene.

But for now, Stefano Manotti is just getting started in music and he hasn’t missed yet. His nonchalant style, wonderful voice and charisma are an addictive combination. He’s in position to see a major breakthrough!

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