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Diego Smith On “Fast Love” And Journey From Bulnes To Rising Stardom 

Diego Smith ‘s “Fast Love” resonates with the vibrant contrasts of his Chilean roots—from the tranquil streets of Bulnes to the dynamic rhythms of Santiago, shaping his lyrical narrative with rich, lived experiences. Trading football fields for the musical stage, the emerging talent infuses his craft with the discipline of an athlete and the soul of a poet. 

His latest collaboration with Kidd Tetoon is a reflection of his dedication and commitment, embracing the fleeting intensity of love and the quest for authenticity, all while paying homage to his idols with a style that’s uniquely his own. “Fast Love” is a celebration of freedom, identity, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

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Growing up in Bulnes and then moving to Santiago, how did these diverse Chilean landscapes influence your early music, particularly your songwriting style?

I gained more experiences, met more people, and lived more moments that I could capture in my lyrics — Santiago greatly inspired me, a place that has given rise to great artists in the history of Chilean music.

You initially aspired to be a footballer before fully committing to music. How has this transition from sports to music influenced your approach to your career and your creative process?

Engaging in sports has taught me the value of discipline and concentration, which have been crucial in sharpening my focus. This 100% commitment has allowed me to excel in rehearsals, video shoots, and performances, ensuring I deliver an amazing show every time. Also, it has given me the grace to accept both victories and defeats with equanimity.

You advocate for freedom and authenticity in self-expression. How does this philosophy manifest in your music, especially in your latest single “Fast Love”?

In this release, the philosophy presented is particularly significant as it explores the ease with which we feel emotions and the profound strength of love, even when it’s not long-lasting. This is a sentiment many have experienced, yet often remains unspoken and unacknowledged, leaving them chained. It’s expressed that happiness and authenticity are paramount. Embrace your identity, love as you wish, and pursue your dreams wholeheartedly


diego smith

“Fast Love” took three years to craft. Can you walk us through the journey of creating this song and the evolution it underwent during this period?

“Fast Love” was a single born out of spontaneity, a song that I could say came to life during a night out with friends. Alongside my friend who played the violin and producer buddies, we simply wanted to make a track. We loved the result and knew instantly that it would be a hit once released. 

It took three years for the song to come out due to life’s unpredictable twists and turns that led us on different paths. But, we waited for the perfect moment to reunite and create the video, finalizing it and making it into what it was always destined to be; a hit.

Artists like Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson have inspired you. How do you incorporate elements of their style into your music, and are there any specific influences we can hear in “Fast Love”?

The desire to leave a mark on history is what inspires me. Their musical styles, stage presence, catchy songs, and crafting an iconic look that fans will always remember, in addition to cultivating a unique persona that leaves an indelible impression on people, is my tribute to the great artists who have influenced me and instilled in me their values and artistry.

Your creative process involves deep introspection. Can you describe how this process influenced the themes and lyrics of “Fast Love”?

In discovering who I am, I found myself yearning to reconnect with my past self, the voice that people remember me by, and embracing all my musical styles. The genre that resonates most deeply with me is Plugg—a blend within the urban pop spectrum. It’s something I felt compelled to return to, as it could potentially propel Chile onto the global stage. This style, which once inspired us to dream internationally, is once again making waves and shaping history. It’s a legacy I must continue to uphold.

diego smith

How has the support of your fanbase, ‘The Shash Crew,’ influenced your music career and your approach to new projects like “Fast Love”?

‘Shash’ has been a movement and a lifestyle throughout this time, with its aesthetics serving as a gift to all the fans who support this movement. It’s been immortalized in a music video for history—the iconic ‘Shash’ sunglasses worn upside down, the Shash hand gesture that represents us, the vibrant orange colors, and the musical style that has connected many fans. Take the song “Illuminati,” for instance; it’s brought people together, leading to relationships that last to this day, with couples who have met through the song now married. It’s truly beautiful.

With “Fast Love,” you’ve made significant contributions to the Chilean urban scene. How do you feel about your role in this evolving music landscape?

It’s a glimpse of what’s been missing, yet has also been present for years—the message to people that there are a variety of musical styles that resonate, artists who are breaking the mold with global sounds, and the importance of not confining oneself to the usual. Similarly, as artists, we should always strive to look beyond the horizon and embrace the new and diverse.

You’ve mentioned a desire to collaborate with artists across various genres. Are there any specific artists or genres you’re looking forward to exploring in your future projects?

My upcoming projects are closely tied to electronic music, featuring more experimental sounds designed to get people dancing. The music I’m working on is crafted for enjoyment at festivals and parties, for large gatherings, and for filling stadiums with people jumping to the beat.

Having achieved milestones like participating in a Netflix series and performing at Movistar Arena, what are your next goals and dreams for your music career?

My short-term and long-term aspirations include winning a Grammy, featuring on the covers and charts of prestigious magazines like ‘Billboard’ and ‘Rolling Stone,’ appearing in a Hollywood movie, collaborating with a luxury brand, and releasing an album that achieves global success.

Watch the official music video for “Fast Love” below:

Listen to the song on Spotify:

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