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Britney Spears was Heartbroken over Losing Grammy to Christina Aguilera

In a candid revelation on the latest episode of the U.K. reality sensation, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Jamie Lynn Spears, the 32-year-old Zoey 101 alum, bared the emotional scars that lingered from her sister Britney Spears‘ Grammy heartbreak back in 2000. The pop icon, then 21, lost the best new artist award to Christina Aguilera, leaving her “heartbroken.”

As Jamie Lynn shared the anecdote with fellow campmates, including Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, the raw emotions of that night surfaced. “Britney was clearly the bigger star of that year, she worked her ass off,” Jamie Lynn emphasized, recalling MTV camera crews documenting their family life. “And she’s there and she lost.”

Even at her tender age of 8 or 7, Jamie Lynn vividly remembers thinking, “This is crap.” Defending her sister’s rightful claim to the award, she added, “Christina was wonderfully talented, but that year, let’s be honest, ‘It’s Britney, bitch’ like always.”

In a light-hearted exchange, Sam Thompson empathetically said to Jamie Lynn, “Tell Britney I understand.” The pop princess, despite her initial reluctance, did return to the Grammy stage in 2004 to claim the award for best dance recording with “Toxic,” a momentous triumph in her storied career.

This revelation peeks into the complex relationship between the Spears sisters, a narrative that’s been laid bare in Jamie Lynn’s new memoir, The Woman in Me. Britney, having emerged from the conservatorship that dominated her life for 13 years in November 2021, shared her ongoing struggle to find “more compassion” for Jamie Lynn.

“I think every family fights and has their stuff, but I talked to her before I came here and we love each other,” Jamie Lynn revealed on the reality show. Britney’s book echoes this sentiment, “She will always be my sister, and I love her and her beautiful family. I’m working to feel more compassion than anger toward her, and everyone who I feel has wronged me. It’s not that easy.”

In this saga of triumphs and tribulations, Britney Spears’ Grammy journey stands as a poignant chapter, etched with heartbreak, resilience, and the enduring bond between two sisters who’ve weathered the storms of fame and family.

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