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Behind EYMMI’s “Zombie”: Interesting Interview On Creating His Latest Release

EYMMI discusses his new track “Zombie,” and how a moment of artistic clarity came when experimenting with the pre-chorus in the studio. The artist decided to merge an alternative melodic version with the original, marking the second pre-chorus with a distinct high-pitched vocal blend, which became his favorite part of the song. 

He also expressed a desire to collaborate with SEXYY RED, admiring her emotional depth and imaginative lyrics, which align with EYMMI ’s style. Despite a rich exposure to diverse cultures, he has yet to identify a local melody or rhythm that resonates with his music, leaving an open question about subconscious influences.

Find out more about him below.

Can you share a moment during the making of “Zombie” when you felt particularly connected to the music or lyrics, and how did that moment shape the final piece?

While crafting the “Zombie” track, I had an alternative for the original pre-chorus, something much more melodic with a high-pitched vocal. During the recording at the studio, I got the idea to blend both versions on the second pre-chorus, which is why there’s a subtle difference between the two. That part is clearly my favorite.

If you could collaborate with any artist, past or present, to create a fusion track that embodies your diverse influences, who would it be and why?

SEXYY RED would be the perfect collaboration! I find their music extremely captivating, filled with strong emotions and overflowing with imagination. The lyrics are pure and straightforward, very well crafted, plus she’s very ‘sexy.’

If “Zombie” were to be transformed into a short film, what scene would be pivotal to understanding the core of the song?

The moment when I turn into a zombie. Of course!

Having experienced such varied cultures, can you describe a specific local melody or rhythm that has stayed with you and might subtly influence your music production?

No, or maybe I haven’t discovered them yet. Where I come from, there’s nothing that sounds like what I’ve produced so far, or perhaps it exists, but I’ve never come across it.

Has a listener’s perspective on your songs ever surprised you or given you a new understanding of your own work?

It has never happened, and I doubt it will. However, if it does, it would be very interesting.

Watch the official video for “Zombie” here”

Listen to the song below:

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