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Jennie of BLACKPINK Stuns on W Korea’s Volume 11/2023 Cover

Once again, Jennie of BLACKPINK steps into the limelight, gracing the cover of W Korea’s Volume 11/2023 with her signature charisma and style. This time, Jennie enchants in Chanel, embodying the perfect fusion of sophistication and contemporary allure.

The theme of this issue, “Focus and Attention,” permeates not only the entirety of Volume 11 of W Korea but also extends its reach to the captivating cover adorned by BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Driven by her passion for film cameras, Jennie embarked on a unique journey for this shoot, curating cherished moments from her film photos to grace the cover. This choice adds a deeply personal touch to the cover story, providing us with a glimpse into the world as Jennie sees it through her lens. The interplay of film photos and meticulously crafted portraits, thoughtfully juxtaposed within the pages, invites us into Jennie’s realm, offering an intimate peek into the moments that presently capture her attention.

The fashion narrative for this shoot was artfully woven by Fashion Editor Kim Shin, orchestrating a visual symphony that accentuates Jennie’s unparalleled sense of style. Behind the lens, photographer Hong Janghyun skillfully captures Jennie’s essence in every frame, ensuring that her charisma radiates through.

Styled by the talented Park Minhee, Jennie graces Chanel playsuits that accentuate her grace and echo the brand’s timeless appeal while showcasing her ability to effortlessly infuse even the most high-fashion ensembles with an air of chic effortlessness. Completing the look, hairstylist Lee Seonyeong and makeup artist Won Joyeon work their magic, with nail artist Park Eunkyung adding the finishing touches to Jennie’s appearance.

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