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Anitta Recruits Måneskin’s Damiano David for “Mil Veces” Video

Brazilian sensation Anitta and Måneskin‘s frontman Damiano David have set the music scene ablaze with their scorching new collaboration! Anitta, renowned for her infectious beats and bold style, dropped her latest track “Mil Veces,” meaning “a thousand times,” last Friday, accompanied by a sizzling music video featuring David.

In the visually captivating video, directed by the talented Jackson Tisi, the 30-year-old Anitta and the 24-year-old David deliver a steamy performance, portraying a couple entangled in a tumultuous relationship.

Speaking about the video, Anitta expressed her excitement, stating, “This video is really sexy! Sexy, dynamic, and it has a beautiful aesthetic… working with Damiano, who is endearing and has become a true friend, was incredible. I loved the end result and hope everyone likes it.”

“Mil Veces” is a poignant portrayal of the highs and lows of a relationship, encapsulated in Anitta’s soulful lyrics, “We’ve gone through this a thousand times.” Anitta shared her thoughts on the song’s theme, saying, “It is crazy… it’s a relationship dynamic that many people have already experienced. I think ‘Mil Veces’ will relate to many people.”

The track is a part of Anitta’s upcoming album “Funk Generation,” following the success of “A Favela Love Story,” which snagged the 2023 VMA for best Latin for “Funk Rave.”

Anitta’s meteoric rise in the music industry reached new heights earlier this year when she earned her first-ever Grammy nomination for best new artist. Expressing her joy, Anitta stated, “I’m so happy. I’ve said it a lot because it means a lot… My whole country is watching in Brazil, waiting for this. I’m really happy. For me, the victory is to be here tonight, to be honest.”

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