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Premiere: Eventually Epic Offer Eclectic Experience With Genre-Defying Debut Album

Emerging band, Eventually Epic, created by the charismatic guitarist/vocalist, Debarun (Roon) Bhattacharjya, and the masterful keytarist/vocalist, Sachin Premasuthan, finally release their much-anticipated self-titled debut album. The collection boasts an impressive tracklist of eight original songs, including “Lock and Key,” “Breaking Free,” “Rise and Shine,” “Shoes,” “Train Wreck,” “Just a Little,” “Grey,” and “Khafa,” which pays homage to the iconic ’90s era Bollywood.

Roon and Sachin, the original members of the band, reveal that while they primarily identify their music as acoustic rock and pop, their diverse musical and cultural upbringings have allowed them to effortlessly explore and perform across an array of genres and languages. As graduate students at Stanford University, they began writing music together, and their passion for creating soul-stirring melodies and captivating lyrics has only grown stronger since then. 

Alongside the playful love songs,  Eventually Epic‘s debut album introduces powerful pieces that delve into themes that are both timeless and particularly resonant in today’s world. “Khafa” transports listeners on a nostalgia-laden journey through retro Bollywood, while the achingly beautiful “Grey” is a reflection on a lost love. Their stirring folk-rock number, “Shoes,” serves as a rallying cry for empathy and understanding in an increasingly divided society, and the empowering rock anthem, “Breaking Free,” urges listeners to escape the mundane and chase their dreams. 

Eventually Epic invites everyone for an electrifying evening at Heaven Can Wait in NYC on May 13th to celebrate their self-titled LP. This album release party features a diverse array of songs in 5 languages and 5 genres, spanning Bollywood, rock classics, and pop anthems. With non-stop dancing, great music, and good vibes guaranteed, it promises to be an epic night you won’t forget. 

Listen to Eventually Epic below:

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