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Kim Kardashian Warms Up Her Diamonds with a Hairdryer, Dislikes Wearing Chilly Jewelry

Kim Kardashian recently shared a distinctive aspect of her preparation process while gearing up for a high-profile event. During the filming of “The Kardashians” on June 13, as she was preparing for the Swarovski x Skims launch in New York City, Kim revealed an unusual practice: she uses a hairdryer to warm her jewelry before wearing it. She explained that she dislikes the sensation of cold jewelry against her skin, a small but revealing detail about her elaborate prep rituals captured before attending the event in November 2023.

Kim was getting dressed in a sophisticated outfit entirely adorned with crystals for the gala and emphasized the need to heat her attire to ensure comfort. “Since the whole outfit is made of crystals, we need to warm it up with a blow dryer,” she declared. This action highlights her comprehensive approach to ensuring both style and comfort in her appearance.

Her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, also remarked that the hotel suite where Kim was preparing was kept exceptionally warm, reflecting Kim’s general preference for a cozy preparation environment.

The event served as a dual celebration for the new flagship Skims store on Fifth Avenue. Kim appeared in the eye-catching, crystal-encrusted ensemble, paired with Swarovski x Skims marble-patterned cotton rib boxers and elegant PVC strappy heels. Her makeup featured a bold smokey eye, full lashes, precise black eyeliner, and subtle pink blush, complemented by her favorite nude lip shade. Her hair was styled in a relaxed yet stylish high bun with gentle curtain bangs, enhancing her sophisticated and effortless look.

Kim’s partnership with Swarovski has been particularly meaningful, introducing a line of high-end crystal-embellished underwear and clothing. This collection includes items like bodysuits, leggings, tube skirts, dresses, bras, and body jewelry, all adorned with the distinctive sparkle of Swarovski crystals. Kim expressed her deep connection to Swarovski in a discussion with Elle, noting that this collaboration was intensely personal. “Crystals have always been a part of my life; they have always been Swarovski. My children know my love for the brand’s brilliance and even gift me Swarovski figurines on Mother’s Day,” she shared.

This candid revelation by Kim Kardashian not only provides a glimpse into the detailed preparations that precede her public outings but also underscores her dedication to combining personal comfort with public allure. Her unique practices demonstrate her influence in shaping her public image, right down to the intricacies of her pre-event rituals.

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