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Katy Perry Brings North West Out At Las Vegas Show

Katy Perry has shown her admiration for North West, the nine-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, during her PLAY residency show at Las Vegas’ Resorts World Theatre. Perry expressed her excitement when she spotted North in the crowd and invited her on stage. She commended North’s dancing skills and said that she had watched all her TikTok videos. Perry then invited North’s friends, including Selena Gomez‘s sister, to join them on stage.

The stage was filled with energy and excitement as Perry and the girls performed cartwheels and splits. The night was not only special for North, but also for Perry, who was later joined by Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Sia backstage. Perry shared pictures and videos from the night on Instagram and expressed her love for when her friends come out to play.

Perry’s showmanship and enthusiasm have been praised by her fans, who have commended her for creating a memorable experience for her audience. Her love for North has also earned her praise, with many people appreciating her kind and friendly nature.

Perry’s admiration for North shows that celebrities can be fans too, and that even the most famous people can get star-struck. The night was a reminder that celebrities are just like us and that they can create lasting memories by being kind and inclusive.

Katy Perry’s show at the Resorts World Theatre was a night to remember, not only for North and her friends, but for everyone in attendance. Perry’s enthusiasm and love for her fans, including the youngest ones, make her a beloved celebrity who continues to create memorable experiences for her fans.

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