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Kim Kardashian Teases the Potential Release of a New Makeup Collection

Renowned mega-influencer and SKKN BY KIM founder, Kim Kardashian, set social media abuzz on Tuesday with an Instagram Reel, leaving followers eager for a significant reveal scheduled for later this month.

In the Reel, the 43-year-old entrepreneur acknowledged the clamor from her skincare line’s followers, expressing, “Alright guys, so I have been reading the comments on the SKKN account, and so many of you want us to bring color cosmetics back.” Reading viewer comments aloud, she conveyed the sentiments of her audience, saying, “Kim, we need the makeup. We are dying out here,” and “Kim, where is your makeup and fragrance? I’m dying for it. The world has been begging you.”

Responding to the pleas, Kardashian blew a kiss and assured her followers, “Guys, I hear you.” The suspense reached its peak as she concluded the video, revealing the date Jan. 26, 2024, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the impending revelation.

SKKN BY KIM was launched in June 2022, marking Kardashian’s foray into the skincare industry. The brand, inspired by her vision to connect top dermatological expertise with individuals seeking high-performance skincare at home, garnered attention with its essential skincare steps and targeted solutions. The product lineup, ranging from a cleanser to revitalizing Night Oil, was well-received, with prices ranging from $37 to $95.

Reflecting on the brand’s journey in October 2023, Kardashian shared her motivation behind creating SKKN BY KIM. The reality TV star explained that the idea emerged from her quest for a specific skincare product to address her skin texture. Failing to find the desired solution, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create it herself.

The SKKN BY KIM Resurfacing Mask, was born out of Kardashian’s love for a pumpkin enzyme mask. The mask, enriched with fermented pumpkin enzyme, glycolic and lactic acids, and glycerin, aims to enhance skin texture and complexion while locking in moisture for a post-facial glow.

Despite her hectic schedule, Kardashian emphasized the importance of maintaining her skincare routine, especially during travel. She revealed, “I love to mask when I’m traveling, on the plane, or at the hotel as part of my prep when I feel like my skin is looking a bit dull, so that I have that fresh, ‘I just received a facial’ look before any big event.”

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