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Blake Lively’s Outfit Steals the Scene While Kissing Justin Baldoni on the Set of “It Ends With Us”

Colleen Hoover‘s acclaimed novel “It Ends With Us” is set to grace the big screen with Hollywood heavyweights Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni in the lead roles. As we eagerly anticipate its June 21 release, we’ve been granted an exclusive first look into the making of this much-anticipated cinematic spectacle.

The narrative, originating from Hoover’s 2016 bestseller, revolves around Lily, a post-graduate who embarks on a new chapter in a different city, only to find love and heartbreak in unforeseen ways. The storyline takes an unexpected twist when Lily’s past resurfaces in the form of an ex-lover, disrupting the tranquility she thought she had found.

Filming commenced in May 2023 in New Jersey, with Blake Lively debuting a striking red hair transformation, setting the stage for what promises to be a visually catchy experience. Although production temporarily halted due to industry strikes, the project resumed in early 2024 under the direction of Justin Baldoni, who also assumes the role of executive producer alongside Lively.

In the latest set photos, Lively, donning a spectrum of eye-catching outfits, was spotted in New Jersey. From an all-jean ensemble with vibrant red boots to a beautiful mustard leather blazer paired with a striped button-up, her on-screen persona, Lily, promises to be a fashion icon. A particularly romantic scene, featuring a passionate kiss between Lively and Baldoni, was captured, enhancing the anticipation for the on-screen chemistry between the leads.

The intricate details of Lily’s wardrobe choices, including camo pants, a fuchsia-colored coat, and a tan halter dress, give viewers a glimpse into the character’s dynamic style. Noteworthy scenes, such as the pivotal onesies scene featuring Hasan Minhaj and Justin Baldoni, add an element of curiosity and excitement to the upcoming film.

Lively’s red hair, revealed earlier this year, became a talking point, hinting at the dedication she brings to her executive producer and acting roles. As the behind-the-scenes footage unfolds, fans are treated to glimpses of the actors in action, from scenes shot around New York City to moments of camaraderie during breaks.

“It Ends With Us” promises to be more than a cinematic adaptation; it is a visual journey into the intricate world crafted by Colleen Hoover, brought to life by the stellar performances of Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the film’s highly anticipated release date.

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