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Nicki Minaj and Stephen Colbert Have a Rap Battle on “The Late Show”

In a memorable return to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the Pink Friday 2 promotional tour, Nicki Minaj not only discussed her latest album but engaged in a freestyle face-off with the Emmy-winning host.

As Colbert fumbled to create a beat on his desk, Minaj humorously remarked, “I’ll do the beat, you just be entertained. That’s not the beat I taught you last time I was here!” The exchange echoed a five-year-old lesson when Minaj, promoting her Queen album, instructed Colbert on crafting a simple beat. Colbert’s response this time, however, left Minaj in awe, showcasing his honed freestyling skills.

In a rhythm borrowed from Pink Friday 2’s standout track “FTCU” (affectionately renamed “F–k the Colbert Up”), Minaj rhymed, “High heels on for Stevie/ If I marry Stevie, he ain’t ever gon’ leave me.” Colbert fired back with unexpected wit, rapping, “High heels or not, Nicki / You better hope you never meet my wife, Evie!” The spontaneous and amusing comeback left Minaj momentarily speechless, followed by uproarious laughter from both the artist and the audience.

On the Billboard Hot 100 (chart dated Dec. 23, 2023), “FTCU” contributed to the historic feat of 14 Pink Friday 2 tracks appearing on the ranking — a record for any female rapper. Pink Friday 2 secured Minaj’s third No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, solidifying her status as the female rapper with the most chart-topping efforts. The 24-track album features collaborations with industry heavyweights like Drake, J. Cole, and Lil Uzi Vert, as well as hit singles such as “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” “Last Time I Saw You,” and the Hot 100-topping “Super Freaky Girl.”

During the interview, Minaj shared that she’s “still working” on the album, mentioning late-stage additions like the 50 Cent-assisted “Beep Beep” that kept her label on edge. As the Queen of Rap promises more music, it appears she’s settling into Gag City — the A.I. kingdom created by her fans in anticipation of Pink Friday 2, where everyone is entitled to “a free mansion, free car, and free canned goods,” according to Minaj.

The conversation with Stephen Colbert also delved into Minaj’s role as a first-time mom to her 3-year-old son, affectionately nicknamed Papa Bear. She reflected on the transformative impact of motherhood, emphasizing how it has shifted her focus and perspective. Minaj expressed joy in watching her son grow and highlighted the profound change he has brought to her life.

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