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Chris Sunfield’s “Bicycle Girl”: A Philosophical Ride through Existential Musings

In an industry where artists often grapple with the dichotomy of depth and accessibility, Chris Sunfield strikes a rare balance with his latest single, “Bicycle Girl.” Born in Brantford, Ontario, Sunfield’s journey to becoming a recording artist is as unconventional as it is inspiring. From a blue-collar background devoid of musical enrichment to a PhD in psychology, music remained a latent passion, simmering beneath the surface of a seemingly different life path.

The rebirth of Sunfield as an artist is a tale of resilience and authenticity. After enduring personal upheavals and a transformative accident, the creation of his song “Eclipse” marked a pivotal moment, reigniting his creative spark. Returning to the city to pursue music full-time, Sunfield embarked on meticulously shaping songs that had been waiting for their moment.

In “Bicycle Girl,” Chris Sunfield explores the heavy weight of existential themes with a light touch, a departure from the more serious tones of his previous works like “Begin,” “Tomorrow’s Here,” and “Anton.” The song begins with introspective questioning, “What does it mean? / You’re born, you live, you die / Is that all there is?” immediately setting a contemplative mood. It mirrors Sunfield‘s internal monologues and philosophical inquiries, reminiscent of his lifelong fascination with existential thinkers like Kierkegaard and Sartre.

Yet, as the lyrics unfold, the song takes a whimsical turn with the entrance of the eponymous “Bicycle Girl.” She appears as a beacon of simplicity and joy amidst the complexities of existence, a “two‐wheelin’ angel” who distracts the narrator from his despair. The imagery of the girl on a Schwinn, “Ponytail in the wind,” evokes a sense of carefree innocence, contrasting the heavy existential musings. This encounter serves as a reminder to embrace the fleeting, joyful moments of life.

The musical arrangement of “Bicycle Girl” reflects Sunfield’s diverse influences, from the experimental sounds of Yes and Peter Gabriel to the visionary works of Kate Bush. His ability to blend genres and eras crafts a unique auditory experience that complements the song’s thematic depth.

Chris Sunfields life and music embody the transformative power of art and the possibility of rebirth at any stage of life. “Bicycle Girl” not only showcases his talents as a musician and songwriter but also delivers a message that resonates with anyone who has found themselves pondering the meaning of existence. It’s a testament to the power of music to explore profound themes while still engaging and captivating the listener.

Glance at the new tune here:

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