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In Harmony With Nature And Emotions: A Glimpse Into Leandro’s Songs 

Leandro Cury’s music is a soul-stirring blend of natural elements and profound emotions. The artist finds a unique synergy in performing amidst natural landscapes, where the ocean and Banyan trees amplify his connection to the moment. His songwriting process is as spontaneous as it is emotive, a journey triggered by intricate emotional scenarios. 

A song may birth from an overwhelming feeling or be inspired by other musical pieces, as was the case with “Sunflower.” Leandro ‘s upcoming EP features the recent release “Estrela,” a song nurtured from the euphoria of new love and immortalized words from a cherished letter. 

Shamanic instruments like the vargan and Native American flute have enriched his sound, a testament to his expanded musical horizons. This evolution was catalyzed at the age of 14 when Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ unveiled a world beyond classic rock. 

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How do the natural elements and landscapes around you seep into your songwriting and performances?

These will have a strong influence in live performances. When performing near the ocean or surrounded by Banyan trees it gets much easier to surrender to the moment, find that sweet spot, and be in the zone. There you’ll just be watching everything happening, as if you are sitting among the audience.

Leandro Cury

You have a talent for blending interpretive covers with your original compositions. When creating a new piece, how do you decide between reimagining an existing song and crafting something entirely new?

It never was up to me to make the decision of coming up with a song, really. It has always been like starting labor by surprise. Sometimes it just pops out, other times it gets a bit complex to get it all out. But it is always the result of delicate emotional scenarios. Sometimes I get triggered by songs that I listen to for the first time while navigating these delicate scenarios. Other times parts of a new song just start appearing in my mind and I start to piece them together. For instance, the chorus of “Sunflower” popped into my mind while driving so I immediately pulled over and wrote it down.

Can you share the backstory of a song from your upcoming EP that holds a special place in your heart, and describe the emotional and creative process behind it?

“Estrela” is a song that I hold dear in my heart. The song came out in the weightless moment when a new love is being discovered and explored all together. The entire chorus was taken from a letter I received from the girl who inspired the song and the chorus was the only part left until I read the letter.

 Leandro Cury  “Estrela”

From playing in bands like Casablanca to establishing yourself as a solo artist, how have the roles of collaboration and solitude each contributed to your artistic evolution?

While collaborating I’ve learned a lot from other musicians. Except for Casablanca, I’ve never felt like I actually fit in any other band. But all experiences gathered while collaborating with other artists and bands were exactly what I needed to go through in order to give birth to the soloist. Then in solitude the crafting started. In solitude I was able to find my true voice and the language to communicate musically.

Could you tell us about the first time you encountered shamanic instruments and how they’ve become integral to your sound?

A few years ago, a friend from Siberia introduced me to and taught me how to use the vargan; a type of jaw harp typically related to Siberian Shamanism. Not too long after, the Native American flute followed. I was given one by a Hungarian Shaman who gave me hers saying that the flute and I had connected. Told her I didn’t know how to play it, maybe there was a mistake. But she insisted there was none, that I should take the flute. A week later the same flute was featured in my interpretation of “Hurt.” It got naturally integrated.

leandro cury

You started with classic rock but have since expanded your horizons. Can you recount a key moment that changed your perspective on music beyond that genre?

When I was 14, my grandpa gave me ‘The Four Seasons’ by Antonio Vivaldi and it completely blew my mind.

Can you remember a particular performance where you felt deeply connected to the audience, and how has that moment shaped your future shows?

There have been many particular performances in which the deep connection with the audience happened in different ways. The sum of these events helped me understand that music is a beautiful way to serve people.

Listen to Leandro Cury’s music here:

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