SOPHIE SHREDZ Shares New Single & Video "OMG"
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SOPHIE SHREDZ Unveils Electrifying Single & Video “OMG”

SOPHIE SHREDZ ignites the scene once again with her latest single and accompanying video, “OMG.” Breaking boundaries in genre-blending, SOPHIE’s sonic journey seamlessly merges the experimental realms of hyper-pop with the timeless essence of classic rock.

In “OMG,” SOPHIE channels unapologetic punk-rock energy, intertwining prog-rock guitar riffs with emphatic drum beats, crafting a musical anthem that resonates with raw authenticity. The track delves into the theme of captivating obsession, exploring the dynamic of living rent-free in someone else’s head amidst their fervent disdain.

Reflecting on the creative process behind “OMG,” SOPHIE shares insights into the song’s thematic depth. “‘OMG’ is about living rent-free in another person’s head. It’s about when someone’s hate for you turns into an obsession,” she explains. The track not only serves as a sonic testament but also as a catalyst for SOPHIE’s forthcoming album, steering her artistic vision toward new creative and sonic horizons.

Accompanying the single, the “OMG” music video, creatively helmed by Lucy Flores and produced/styled by MK Kopp, offers a visually captivating experience. Embracing elements of surrealism with a touch of kitsch, the video embarks on a journey of creation, control, and worship, staying true to the essence of SOPHIE SHREDZ while weaving a darker narrative reminiscent of vampire chic.

At the heart of SOPHIE SHREDZ lies the multifaceted talent of Sophie Ruggiero, a New Jersey-born, Nashville-based powerhouse. Raised on a diet of classic rock legends, Sophie infuses her music with a fervent passion for self-expression and empowerment. As an openly queer artist, she redefines the modern-day rock star archetype, embodying boldness, authenticity, and unwavering advocacy for female empowerment.

Through her music, SOPHIE SHREDZ invites listeners into her world, sharing personal experiences and growth while inspiring others to embrace their own journey with confidence and resilience. With “OMG,” SOPHIE continues to pave the way for a new era of musical expression, where authenticity and creativity reign supreme.

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