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Top 20 New Artists Redefining 2023’s Global Soundtrack

Across a mix of musical styles and from every corner of the world, these new artists are hitting the right notes and making waves. Introducing fresh beats, unforgettable melodies, and the kind of songs you can’t help but play on repeat, they’re the ones music lovers everywhere are tuning into, buzzing about what’s next.

  1. Teezo Touchdown

Born Aaron Lashane Thomas in 1992, Teezo Touchdown‘s journey from the son of a Texas DJ to an enigmatic, genre-defying artist is a testament to his boundless creativity. Known for effortlessly blending emo-pop, rock, hip hop, and more, his music evades categorization. 

Self-taught in producing and video editing, Teezo crafts intentional, authentic pieces that avoid chasing ephemeral trends. Tracks from his self-released mixtapes, and collaborations with stars like Tyler, the Creator, echo his eclectic, uncontainable talent. 

In the fashion world, alliances with Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs underscore Teezo’s multidimensional allure. With a debut album that’s caught the attention of icons like Drake, Touchdown is a rising star, a harbinger of a new, unrestricted era in music and beyond.

  1. Tsumyoki

Tsumyoki, a multifaceted artist hailing from Goa, India, embodies a journey of vision, productivity, and positive mindset through his music. Integral to the Goa Trap Culture, his artistry transcends the conventional, weaving his roles as a producer, lyricist, singer, rapper, and sound engineer into a cohesive narrative of healing. 

His music, a conduit for transforming pain and sadness into sonic energy, seeks not just to entertain but to mend the soul. The artist’s releases are a step towards a world where listeners are drawn into a state of Tsumyoki—a sanctuary of peace, positivity, and unconditional love. 

  1. Kanika

Born and raised in Belgium, Kanika has graced the global scene as an artist, celebrated for her enigmatic blend of sounds rooted in the rich tapestry of her multicultural upbringing. Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Mumbai, her music is a soul-stirring mix of American Top 40, European electronic vibes, and the melodious allure of Indian film and folk tunes. 

A prodigy influenced by her classically trained dancer mother and musically inclined older brother, her sonic journey was sculpted at Berklee College of Music and refined under the mentorship of Simon Cowell’s team at Sony Music in LA. The hit “Runak Jhunak” is testament to her artistry, with over a million streams on Spotify. 

With influences ranging from Beyoncé to Drake, each song is a melodic narrative, unraveling complex emotions wrapped in alluring compositions. A contributor to the Grammy-nominated album Shuruaat by the Berklee Indian Ensemble in 2023, Kanika’s unyielding passion, versatility, and collaborative spirit earmark her as a rising star in the constellation of global music icons.

  1. Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma, a trailblazing artist from Guadalajara, Mexico, is redefining contemporary Mexican music with his distinctive style, drawing rich influences from Regional Mexican and Latin Urban genres. In a remarkable stride, he made history in June 2023 by concurrently topping the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global 200 Excl. U.S. charts with two distinct tracks, showcasing his versatile artistry. A captivating performance with Becky G at the 2023 Latin American Music Awards and a surprise appearance at Coachella further solidified his rising stardom. 

Signed to Prajin Parley Inc and Worms Music, Peso recently unveiled Double P Records, an ambitious venture in partnership with Prajin Music Group, earmarking his forthcoming album’s release. As Spotify’s newest RADAR artist and having graced The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Peso Pluma exemplifies an unwavering authenticity, proving that fidelity to one’s roots is the quintessential superpower for the modern musician.

  1. Elyanna

Elyanna, born Elian Marjieh, is a Palestinian-Chilean singer-songwriter making waves in the international music scene. Raised in a family of creative souls, with a poet mother and a grandfather who is both a poet and singer, her artistic journey began at a tender age. She discovered her passion for singing at seven and spent her teenage years gracing SoundCloud with covers of popular songs. 

In pursuit of broader horizons, Elyanna and her family relocated to the United States, where her musical talents flourished, earning her a solid following. Elyanna’s path intersected with singer and producer Nasri, leading to her affiliation with management company SALXCO and mentorship from industry veterans.

The young artist’s discography is adorned with two EPs, Elyanna (2020), and Elyanna II (2022), the latter released under Universal Arabic Music, marking her as one of the imprint’s inaugural artists. Songs like “Ana Lahale,” “Ghareeb Alay,” “Ala Bali,” and “Mama Eh” have not only showcased Elyanna’s captivating voice but also charted, affirming her place in the global music arena. 

  1. Sabrina Sekuloski

Sabrina Sekuloski is a gem of Indie Pop hailing from the vibrant coastal city of Sydney, Australia. Born into a world where melodies and lyrics were the family language, her journey into music was as natural as the waves that kissed the shores of her hometown. With a musician father and an art-loving mother, she was destined for a life colored by the rich tones of artistic expression. A shy child, the young talent found her voice, weaving introspection and philosophy into every note and lyric, influenced by the likes of Jack Johnson and Taylor Swift.

The world first took notice of Sabrina in 2016 when her soulful renditions of popular songs won hearts online. With the success of her EP, Scenic Route, and the recent unveiling of her single, “Mosaic,” Sekuloski is both a singer-songwriter and a storyteller, sharing the profound depths of her soul that has always found its most authentic expression in music.

  1. Babyface Ray

Marcellus Register, widely known by his stage name Babyface Ray, has carved out a significant niche in the world of rap, particularly within the pulsating heart of Detroit’s music scene. Emerging straight out of high school, the hip-hop artist’s journey into music began in earnest with Team Eastside, marking the commencement of an illustrious career. 

He first captured the spotlight with his 2015 mixtape MIA Season and continued to entrench his reputation with projects like Ghetto Wave and MIA Season 2. With his finger firmly on the pulse of the Detroit rap scene, Babyface Ray’s lyrical narratives paint vivid portraits of life, winning him a dedicated following. 

The rapper’s 2021 EP Unfuckwitable marked a significant turning point, propelling him onto the Billboard charts and amplifying his voice beyond the borders of Detroit. Following this, 2022 saw the release of the potent full-lengths FACE and MOB, each a testament to Babyface Ray’s lyrical prowess and artistic evolution. 

Not one to rest on his laurels, Ray ushered in 2023 with Summer’s Mine, adding another chapter to his unfolding narrative. With collaborations with notable names like Big Sean, Pusha T, and French Montana under his belt, Babyface Ray is a blend of Detroit grit and universal appeal, a lyrical storyteller

  1. Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser 

Cedric Gneno Banini, better known as Yang-Baby Boloman Derkaiser, is a testament to the power of resilience and talent. Born in the slums of Libreville district in Gabon, his journey from an aspiring soccer player and scholar to a renowned hip hop artist is nothing short of inspirational. A car accident may have veered him away from the football fields, but it ushered him towards a destiny adorned with melody and rhythm. 

Sharing the stage with icons like 50 Cent and Lil Jon, Yang-Baby’s music – a harmonious blend of his struggles, triumphs, and unyielding spirit – transcends borders. With over 2,000,000 views on his hit single “In My Zone” and a music company, this artist, grounded in his humble beginnings, is a beacon of hope for underprivileged youth worldwide. Now, with eyes set on a European tour and an eagerly awaited album, Derkaiser’s rise from the gritty lanes of Libreville to the pinnacles of global hip-hop, echoes that dreams, no matter how distant, are within reach.

  1. Omar Courtz

Omar Courtz is a musical force emanating from the vibrant landscapes of Puerto Rico, resonating a distinct sound that has captivated millions globally. With a robust digital presence, including 7 million Spotify monthly listeners and significant followings on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, he has become a digital sensation. His performances, akin to electric storms of rhythm and melody, have graced esteemed stages at events like CaliBash and the Latin American Music Awards

In 2023, eyes and ears are keenly attuned to the anticipated release of LAMUSA, an album under Mr. 305 Records, promising an intimate exploration of the female muses that have sculpted Courtz’s illustrious career – a narrative seldom touched upon in the male-dominated genre. 

As collaborations with icons like Daddy Yankee and Yandel loom in the near future, Omar Courtz is a dynamic shift in the global music narrative, blending raw talent, compelling storytelling, and an enchanting allure that continues to redefine boundaries.

  1. exxy!

exxy! is a burgeoning talent emerging from the vibrant and diverse cultural tapestry of Los Angeles. Marked by an energetic and distinctive sound rooted in the rich legacies of Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest, he is the embodiment of a modern artist with classic influences. 

His music, a reflection of an introspective journey, transforms intimate emotions and experiences into lyrical masterpieces underscored by meticulously selected instrumentals. With songs like “NVR FELT THIS,” and the mixtape, PARADOXXX, a project encapsulating a year of sonic exploration and artistic maturation, he embarks on a new chapter on the East Coast.

  1. Doechii

Doechii is a captivating multihyphenate artist originating from the sun-kissed locales of Tampa, Florida. With an arsenal of talents including singing, rapping, acting, and dancing, she is a meteoric force etching her mark in the annals of pop culture. Since the debut of her single “Girls” in 2016, she has been an unyielding storm of creativity, unapologetic and raw, weaving her narratives through additional hits like “Spookie Coochie” and personable vlogs that garnered a dedicated YouTube following. 

Her electric energy was felt on stages of Afropunk Atlanta 2021, the BET Hip Hop Awards with Isaiah Rashad & Kal Banx, and as an opening act on SZA’s renowned Good Days tour. Recognized as a 2022 Artist to Watch by platforms like Spotify, Complex’s Pigeons & Planes, and HipHopDX, Doechii is a vibrant spectacle of talent, authenticity, and audacity, promising a future where her artistry is ubiquitously celebrated.

  1. Enrose 

Enrose, a gem in the heart of Long Island, New York, is the brainchild of the dynamic Gabi Rose, a saxophonist and singer-songwriter known for her viral performances and audacious artistry. Joined by the talented drummer Jake Navarro, producer Anthony Lopardo, and keyboardist Kit Benz, the band is a harmonious blend of Y2K pop, rock, and R&B, reminiscent of a nostalgic past yet distinctly contemporary. 

Inspired by the iconic phrase “La vie en rose,” Enrose epitomizes a world seen through rose-tinted glasses – whimsical, artistic, and teeming with unbridled expression. Their releases, notably the enchanting EP Wait, Create and the powerful single “Tattoo,” are testaments to their ethos of self-love, audacity, and authenticity. 

  1. Jesse Forte 

Jesse “Jess” Forte, transcends the ordinary boundaries of artistry as a globally influenced musician enriched by experiences from living in 14+ countries. With the pulse of the world in his veins, he converges his eclectic life journey into masterpieces of sound, recently illuminating his role as the “first emcee of NASA.” 

In his album Lunares | M4, inspired by an astronaut training mission, Jess crafts a cosmic symphony, blending Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Lo-fi, Rap, and Jazz. Each song on the record is a star in his galaxy of music, love, life, and science, showcasing a talent unbounded, as enigmatic and profound as the celestial bodies that inspire him, weaving the cosmic tapestry where sound and space meet, promising listeners an odyssey as infinite as the universe itself.

  1. Leandro Cury

Brasilia-born singer-songwriter Leandro Cury’s musical journey is a compelling blend of nostalgia and innovation, where the golden tunes of the ‘60s to the ‘90s meet the rhythmic eloquence of his original compositions in Portuguese and English. A self-taught guitarist, his teenage years were melodically painted with the classic echoes of Pink Floyd and Queen and enriched by Brazilian greats like Legião Urbana and Renato Russo. 

His move to the idyllic landscapes of Riviera Maya not only rekindled his musical ardor but ushered in an era where shamanic instruments breathed mystical life into his creations. While songs like “Estrela” and “Hurt,” invite listeners into the soulful depths of Leandro’s artistry, his upcoming EP Counting Constellations, encapsulates a journey of self-discovery and musical evolution, heralding him as a storyteller weaving sonorous tales under the starlit skies of Mexico.

  1. Young Miko

Young Miko, hailing from Añasco, Puerto Rico is a  talented artist who has already made a significant mark on the contemporary Latin American music scene, with a distinctive sound that sets her apart. She burst onto the scene with “105 Freestyle,” her debut single, produced in collaboration with the renowned Caleb Calloway.

Carving her own niche in the urban genre, Young Miko made waves with the trap/rap hit “Vendetta,” a collaboration with Villano Antillano, with whom she not only shares the stage but also advocates for the LGBTTQ community. Her undeniable talent and powerful voice were further cemented with the release of “Katana,” alongside Leebrian. 

By the end of 2021, Young Miko was one of the most listened-to female artists of her generation in Puerto Rico, a reputation bolstered by the release of the hit song “Puerto Rican Mami.” Dedicated to evolving musically and personally, she is not confined to one genre, always seeking to expand her horizons and offer a diverse range of music to her audience. 

  1. Tygriz

Tygriz, born Tara Hoffman, is a versatile artist from Holyoke, MA. Her musical genesis was at the tender keys of a piano, a journey amplified by an eclectic blend of pop, R&B, and rap. A Berklee alumna with a flair for videography and a voice that resonates across TikTok and live stages alike, she is a narrative of triumph and transformation. 

After a stint in Hollywood and a soulful retreat to Boston for self-renewal, she inked a deal with Nashville’s Tolok Records. Influenced by icons from Eminem to Beyoncé, Tygriz is poised to transcend musical norms, echoing the unwavering spirit of a star on the rise.

  1. Sudan Archives

Brittney Parks, known to the world as Sudan Archives, is a gifted self-taught violinist who made waves in the scene since her unforgettable debut in 2017 with “Come Meh Way.” Her unique style marries R&B and hip-hop with elements of electronic music, all laced with the magnetic rhythms of her violin, echoing the soulful tunes of West African fiddling. With her acclaimed album Athena, she carved out a space in the industry, earning praise for her daring compositions and the raw, empowering energy of Black feminine mystique embedded in every note.

The New York Times hailed her as a “boundary-defying R&B innovator.” With the release of her sophomore LP Natural Brown Prom Queen, Sudan exhibits an evolution in her artistry, delivering her catchiest, lushest, and most joyful songs yet, all crafted during a deep lockdown in the confines of her basement. 

Each song is a personal journey reflecting on race, womanhood, and the resilient bonds of family, friendship, and partnership. Pitchfork celebrated her work as a “swaggering statement of intent,” underscoring the idiosyncratic charm that makes Sudan Archives’ music unforgettable.

  1. Emerald M.

Emerald M., a prodigious artist from Yangon, is renowned for her musical versatility and emotive songwriting. Trained in the piano, drums, and guitar, her journey took her from the enchanting landscapes of Myanmar to the eclectic vibrancy of London and back. 

Collaborating with the esteemed William D. Lucey, Emerald crafts musical narratives that are as boundaryless as they are soul-stirring. Her debut single, “Never Mine,” is a tapestry of unique musical textures, while her latest release, “I Could’ve Died,” dives deep into the realms of despair and redemption. 

Every lyric penned and melody composed by Emerald is imbued with a profound message of hope and the inherent value of every soul. Amid the resonant strings of her guitar and the poignant keys of her piano, listeners find a sanctuary of support and inspiration, testament to her unyielding quest to uplift spirits through her artistry.

  1. Destroy Lonely

Destroy Lonely, born Bobby Sandimanie III, is an Atlanta-based rapper known for his erratic, speedy rhymes layered over atmospheric trap beats. The son of rapper I-20, a frequent collaborator with Ludacris, he was immersed in the world of music from a young age. 

He regarded Ludacris as an uncle and gained early exposure to the industry through tours with his father. A self-taught audio producer, Destroy Lonely began his music career by uploading tracks to SoundCloud in 2015. His rapid ascent included collaborations with fellow rappers Nezzus and Texaco Cam. 

The 2019 single “Bane” became a viral sensation, leading to his signing with Playboi Carti’s Opium label. In 2022, he unveiled the mixtape No Stylist, an effort punctuated by its innovative sound and a guest appearance by labelmate Ken Carson. 

Destroy Lonely’s artistry reached new heights with the 2023 release of his official full-length debut, If Looks Could Kill, which scaled the heights to number 18 on the Billboard 200. Each release underscores the rapper’s evolution, marking him as a distinctive voice in the contemporary rap landscape.

  1. Power 

Power is a Los Angeles-based inspirational rapper on a mission to uplift and unite. Drawing from tumultuous summers spent on the bustling streets of California, his music is an anthem of overcoming adversity and fostering unity. After encountering the precipice of destruction, the artist transformed his life’s narrative into a source of motivation and positivity. 

Influenced by the resilience and artistry of iconic figures like Tupac and 50 Cent, Power injects the hip hop scene with purposeful lyrics and compelling narratives designed to combat societal ills. His upcoming debut album, One Love, stands as a testament to his unyielding commitment to instill love and consciousness in a world marred by division. 

Every track emerges as a reflection of Power’s journey from the shadows of the streets to the beacon of light, echoing the intrinsic harmony residing within every soul. In the midst of mainstream rhythms and beats, his extraordinary signature sound stands as a sanctuary where hope and unity flourish.

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