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Over 40 Songs and No Onstage Band for the First Time: Madonna is Going on Tour

Madonna, the iconic Queen of Pop, is gearing up for her highly anticipated ‘Celebration Tour,’ which promises an unforgettable experience for fans. Set to kick off at The O2 in London this Saturday (October 14), the tour marks her remarkable 40-year musical journey. Unlike her previous tours, this one stands out – it will feature a staggering “over 40 songs” from her extensive repertoire, taking the audience on a nostalgic ride through her illustrious career.

In a recent interview, Madonna’s musical director, Stuart Price, shared insights into what attendees can expect. Describing the tour as “a documentary through her vast career,” Price emphasized that a ‘greatest hit’ for Madonna encompasses more than just her songs; it includes her wardrobe, videos, and powerful statements. This holistic approach aims to recontextualize her work, connecting it with the current era.

What sets this tour apart is the absence of an onstage band. For the first time in her career, Madonna will perform using her original multi-track recordings. Price explained, “The original recordings are our stars. Those things can’t be replicated and can’t be recreated, so we decided just to embrace that.” Despite the absence of a live band, the show will feature live musicians at various segments, enhancing the overall experience.

Reflecting on Madonna’s resilience, Price revealed that the singer has overcome a serious bacterial infection that led to her admission to intensive care during the summer. He reassured fans that Madonna is back in peak form, ready to deliver an extraordinary performance. Price acknowledged the immense effort and dedication the singer demands, highlighting her high expectations of everyone involved.

Curating the setlist for the ‘Celebration Tour’ posed a significant challenge, as Price delved into Madonna’s vast discography, drawing from her ‘Drowned World Tour‘ (2001), ‘Re-Invention World Tour‘ (2004), and ‘Confessions Tour‘ (2006) experiences. The result is a carefully crafted playlist that captures the essence of her artistic evolution.

In anticipation of this momentous tour, The O2 has even hoisted a Madonna-themed flag, reminiscent of a Royal Standard, atop the venue, celebrating her reign as the Queen of Pop.

Check out the dates below and secure your tickets for the ‘Celebration Tour’ in the UK here and in North America here.


  • 14 – The O2, London
  • 15 – The O2, London
  • 17 – The O2, London
  • 18 – The O2, London


  • 05 – The O2, London
  • 06 – The O2, London
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