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ENHYPEN Set to Excite Fans with “Orange Blood”

South Korean boyband ENHYPEN is all set to enthrall the music world this November with their highly anticipated mini-album, ‘Orange Blood’.

Belift Lab, the powerhouse behind ENHYPEN, recently made waves by revealing that the group would be dropping their fifth mini-album on November 17 at 2 pm KST. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this musical feast, following the band’s announcement on the fan community platform Weverse. Accompanying this exciting news was a logo trailer that teased the album’s theme, featuring captivating clips of solar eclipses and the sun turning a mesmerizing shade of orange as it gracefully sets. The trailer briefly displays the poignant phrase, “you and I are connected through blood,” leaving fans in anticipation for the emotional journey the album promises to take them on.

‘Orange Blood’ marks the second chapter in ENHYPEN’s compelling ‘Blood’ series, initiated back in May with their fourth mini-album, ‘Dark Blood’, and its electrifying lead single, ‘Bite Me’.

In addition to this exciting news, ENHYPEN is currently gracing stages across the United States as part of their ‘Fate’ tour, which marks their second world tour. Their musical odyssey will conclude this month in the vibrant city of Chicago. As fans eagerly anticipate more tour dates in other regions, the energy around ENHYPEN’s journey is nothing short of electric.

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