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Bad Bunny Unveils New Video For “Monaco” Featuring Al Pacino

Puerto Rican sensation Bad Bunny has joined forces with Hollywood icon Al Pacino for his latest music video, ‘Monaco’. The video, showcased below, immerses viewers into a world of opulence, where Bad Bunny and Pacino share moments of indulgence on a luxurious yacht, savor fine dining, and race through the streets in a high-speed car, all set against the backdrop of Monaco’s glamour.

The track, a part of Bad Bunny’s new album ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana’ (translating to ‘Nobody Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow’), incorporates a sample from Charles Aznavour’s classic ‘Hier encore’. Released on Friday, October 13, the album follows up his previous hit ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ from last year, promising a musical journey filled with innovation and artistry.

In this latest venture, Bad Bunny showcases his versatility, having recently collaborated with Drake on the track ‘Gently’, featured in Drake’s latest album ‘For All The Dogs’. This collaboration was first hinted at during Drake’s ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour, and fans have eagerly anticipated this musical synergy since their 2018 hit, ‘Mia’.

Prior to ‘Monaco’, Bad Bunny treated his fans to the solo single ‘Un Preview’ at the end of September, further cementing his reputation as an artist unafraid to explore new musical horizons.

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