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Kendall Jenner Marks 10-Year Modeling Milestone with Vogue Magazine

In an exclusive conversation with Vogue Magazine, Kendall Jenner offers a candid glimpse into her multifaceted career and personal journey. While her stunning vacation snapshots may appear conventional at first glance, subtle hints, like the presence of Joan Didion’s “The Year of Magical Thinking,” suggest deeper introspection beneath the surface.

Acknowledging her inclination towards negativity, Jenner reveals that despite her towering success, she grapples with personal struggles and anxiety. Reflecting on her illustrious 10-year tenure as a model, which commenced with Marc Jacobs‘ iconic 2014 show, she shares insights into the challenges she faced in carving her own path amidst her family’s fame.

Jenner’s ascent in the fashion world was not without its hurdles. While her name undoubtedly opened doors, she encountered skepticism and the constant need to validate her talent. Expressing her penchant for defying expectations, she states, “I like being a pleasant surprise,” underscoring her relentless drive to surpass preconceived notions.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, Jenner grapples with the emergence of social media influencers while remaining steadfast in ensuring that new trends align with her personal brand. Marc Jacobs, a pivotal figure who recognized Jenner’s potential early on, emphasizes the delicate balance between leveraging a model’s fame and allowing the garments to shine. He commends Jenner for her innate beauty, tireless work ethic, and remarkable adaptability.

Despite her remarkable success, Jenner candidly addresses the persistent challenge of online criticism, which continues to take a toll on her mental well-being. However, amidst these adversities, she finds herself in a transformative phase, viewing her current struggles as catalysts for growth and self-discovery.

Jenner’s narrative, characterized by ambition, vulnerability, and the unique complexities of navigating stardom from a young age, transcends the confines of the runway, rendering her a captivating figure beyond the realm of fashion.

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