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Stray Kids Unveil Thrilling “Rock-Star” EP Tracklist

Stray Kids, the powerhouse under JYP Entertainment, is gearing up to rock the music scene once again with their upcoming EP, ‘Rock-Star,’ set to drop on November 10 at 2pm KST (5am BST). The group recently confirmed the tracklist for this highly anticipated release, giving fans a glimpse into the musical journey they’re about to embark on.

The EP comprises eight electrifying tracks, showcasing the group’s versatility and creativity. Among these, fans can expect the Korean version of ‘Social Path,’ a collaboration with Japanese singer LiSA, as well as two versions of the much-anticipated ‘락 (LALALALA).’ What makes this release even more special is that each track was written and composed by at least one member of 3RACHA, the sub-unit consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, who are the masterminds behind Stray Kids’ hit songs.

‘Rock-Star’ promises a musical experience deeply rooted in emotion and talent, evident in collaborative efforts such as ‘가려줘 (Cover Me),’ co-written and co-composed by Bang Chan and Hyunjin, along with contributions from talented individuals like Willie Weeks and Millionboy.

The EP’s announcement was accompanied by a captivating ‘Prologue’ clip, immersing viewers in the anticipation of a child preparing to perform on stage as a trumpet player. Rappers Felix and Bang Chan lent their voices to the video, offering contrasting yet complementary perspectives on overcoming anxiety and embracing the moment. As the young performers step onto the stage, the atmosphere ignites with energy, perfectly setting the stage for what fans can expect from ‘Rock-Star.’

This EP comes five months after the group’s highly acclaimed full-length album, ‘5-Star,’ which secured Stray Kids their third consecutive Number One on the Billboard 200 chart in June. Despite a recent minor setback due to a car accident involving members Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin, the group has persevered and is ready to mesmerize fans once again.

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