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10 Artists to Look Out For in Summer 2024

As summer heats up, so does the music scene, bringing a wave of fresh sounds and standout artists. This season, we’re spotlighting 10 artists who are making a significant impact with their unique styles. From global sensations to rising stars, these artists are delivering tracks that will define the summer of 2024.

Whether you’re into K-pop, country, hip-hop, or indie, there’s something here for everyone.


Peg Luke is stirring up attention with her newly released single “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” a track inspired by the familiar nighttime nursery prayer she penned several years ago. She’s an Emmy and Grammy-nominated artist. Her upcoming release on June 7th, “Kyrie Eleison,” focuses on her adventurous spirit – this time, incorporating AI effects in the music video for the first time. The video features a grand cathedral setting with expansive stained-glass windows and an open sky.


Tanner Adell combines country and hip-hop, incorporating her signature rhinestone style. Describing her approach as “like Beyoncé with a lasso,” she found success with her song “Buckle Bunny,” which went viral on TikTok in 2023. Recently appearing on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the 27-year-old discussed her hit singles “Whiskey Blues” and “Buckle Bunny,” and shared her experiences collaborating with Beyoncé on “BLACKBIIRD.”


Lil Snvrk is making his mark with his latest single, “Back To My Roots.” At 17, he’s already experienced the ups and downs of the music industry, from a short stint at Playboi Carti’s Opium Records to being overlooked at Interscope/UMG. These setbacks have only sharpened his voice, infusing his music with genuine emotion and grit. Lil Snvrk is inviting us all to listen to a young artist finding his footing and forging ahead with unyielding determination.


Estevie continues to push the boundaries with her latest release, “la manera que me ves.” This track follows her earlier collaboration with Ramona on the hit “Desde Que Te Ví” and showcases her mastery of cumbia blended with electrifying electro-pop elements. In her new single, Estevie combines her vocals with pulsating beats, creating an engaging and dynamic listening experience that maintains her momentum in the music scene.


Lauren Watkins is set to define this summer with her highly anticipated full-length debut album, “The Heartbroken Record,” releasing on June 21 through Big Loud Records/Songs & Daughters. On May 24, she unveiled the track “Settling Things,” which paints vivid images of small-town life, accompanied by a video shot at Patsy Cline’s “Dream Home.” Watkins had a hand in writing all 17 songs on the album, which features collaborations with artists like Sheryl Crow and Ashley Monroe, and includes previously released tracks with Jake Worthington and Carter Faith.


From a young age, music has been Vinisetheartist‘s lifeblood. She channels her experiences into catchy songs. Her latest release, “Glitter Tears,” is a powerful testament to her growth. Born from the collaboration of lyricist Annalicia Williams and producer byScorez, the single lays bare the triumphs and tribulations that have shaped Vinisetheartist’s path.


Paris Paloma is set to define this summer with her debut album “Cacophony,” which will be released on August 30 via Nettwerk. The album features previously released tracks like “my mind (now),” “drywall,” “as good a reason,” “yeti,” and her viral single “labour.” Over the course of 15 tracks, “Cacophony” explores a range of styles, from gothic-pop to folk and indie, drawing inspiration from Stephen Fry’s “Mythos.”


At 23, Chance Peña is proving that age is just a number in the music industry. The American singer-songwriter’s rise goes far beyond viral hits, although his track “In My Room” has amassed 245 million streams. His latest release, “The Mountain Is You,” is an alt-folk piece that reflects the journey and challenges he has faced on his path to success.


Boasting 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Aidan Bissett is best known for his hit singles “Communication” and “Dumped.” Rising to fame on TikTok and later signing with Capitol Records, he’s now embarking on his headline tour, starting in Seattle. The Supernova: How’s It Gonna End Tour will take him through 19 dates across the United States. Bissett has even curated a playlist on Spotify featuring his entire setlist for the tour, ensuring fans can sing along every night.


HYUNJUN is defining the soundtrack of summer with his latest release, “Backseat.” This track has quickly become a global anthem, with fans around the world putting it on repeat. “Backseat” captures that perfect summer feeling – easy, breezy, and utterly carefree, making it impossible not to groove along.

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