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Tanna Leone Is Back With New Album, Single And Video, ‘Death N’ Taxes’

Tanna Leone presents a new release for your listening pleasure, the impressive record is titled “Death n’ Taxes”.

The new song is another masterpiece from the talented artist and we are positive you’re going to enjoy the track.

Over a month since he was introduced as pgLang’s next hitmaker, Tanna’s debut album Sleepy Solider was quickly slated for release April 28 — leading in his inaugural effort with singles in “Picasso” (April 14) and “Death N’ Taxes” (April 25) as well as his With The Villians / Lucky two-pack. 

“Death N’ Taxes” sees Lucky Leone flex his five-star cadence over somber, guitar-driven production, woozily inviting listeners into his debut soundscape. The visual is equally as entrancing, as the camera solely focuses on Tanna with the world surrounding him eruptinv in emotion — steering clear of family, friends, opportunities and overall depicting a depressing yet introspective take on a few of life’s absolutes: Death and taxes.

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