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Trevor Omoto – Never Let Me Go

Trevor Omoto is an up and coming DJ/Producer from Toronto, Canada. He is currently attending the University of Toronto but that won’t stop him from following his dream of becoming a worldwide sensation!

“Never Let Me Go” has just been released by the Canadian producer on Revealed Radar, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Some may know Trevor for “The Way

” (another must-listen, a greatly catchy belter famously supported by the likes of Jonas Aden and Brooks) and his Future House releases on FHC, even if sometimes one can hear his inclinations towards a Progressive format that pops out in tracks like “Turn Your Life Around”.

Even if there is a distinct lack of a unique element here, “Never Let Me Go” is hands down a well-arranged and composed song that deserves its spot on the Radar imprint. Trevor is clearly versatile, showing that he can conveniently switch genres without hiccups. If I were you, I would be keeping an eye on his upcoming projects.

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