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Phil Oh’s Best Street Fashion Highlights from the Fall 2024 Couture Shows

The haute couture shows began on Monday, drawing editors, stylists, and celebrity guests to Paris for a week of extravagant fashion. Among the notable attendees were Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez, who were spotted arriving to see the latest creations from prestigious fashion houses like Christian Dior, Chanel, Thom Browne, and Schiaparelli. The streets of Paris turned into an impromptu runway, with Phil Oh capturing the finest street style from around the globe.

High-profile celebrities added extra excitement to the couture shows. Serena Williams, known for her bold fashion choices, and Jennifer Lopez, a long-time fashion icon, both attended the events. Williams wore a striking tailored ensemble, blending sophistication with an athletic edge, while Lopez dazzled in a shimmering gown that highlighted her timeless style.

Fashion editors and stylists from top publications and brands showcased a range of looks from sleek, minimalist designs to bold, avant-garde pieces. Their fashion choices reflect the current landscape of haute couture, where individuality and personal expression are key.

Christian Dior kicked off the shows with a collection that paid homage to the elegance of the 1950s, reinterpreted through a modern lens. The street style outside the Dior show mirrored this blend of classic and contemporary, with attendees sporting tailored suits, structured dresses, and statement accessories.

Chanel, synonymous with timeless elegance, presented a collection that was both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Attendees at the Chanel show embraced this duality, wearing vintage-inspired pieces alongside innovative designs.

Thom Browne and Schiaparelli, known for their daring and original designs, did not disappoint. Browne’s attendees were seen in meticulously crafted suits and playful, gender-fluid ensembles. Schiaparelli’s guests wore bold, artistic pieces that turned heads and sparked conversation.

Phil Oh’s street style photos from the fall 2024 couture shows highlight the eclectic mix of fashion on display. Attendees showcased a wide range of styles, from classic Parisian chic to bold, avant-garde looks. Key trends included oversized blazers, statement hats, and eye-catching accessories.

One standout look was a vibrant, floral maxi dress paired with a structured leather jacket and chunky boots, blending femininity with a touch of edge. Another notable outfit featured a sleek, monochrome suit with exaggerated shoulders, reflecting the ongoing trend of power dressing.

Paris, as always, provided a stunning backdrop for the couture shows. The city’s historic architecture and iconic landmarks added to the allure of the fashion on display. Phil Oh’s photos capture not just the outfits, but the core of Parisian style, where fashion seamlessly integrates with the city’s culture and atmosphere.

The fall 2024 haute couture shows in Paris were a testament to the creativity and diversity of the fashion world. From the stunning creations on the runway to the equally impressive street style, this week highlighted the enduring influence of haute couture. Phil Oh’s street style photos offer a glimpse into the vibrant fashion scene, showcasing the best looks from one of the most anticipated events in the fashion calendar.

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