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Camila Cabello’s Bold New Album Delivers a Grand Slam

In March, Camila Cabello released “I Luv It“, the lead single from her fourth studio album, “C, XOXO.” The track, which features a distinctive verse from Playboi Carti and an addictive chorus, quickly stirred up strong reactions online. With its bold synths and electronic beats, “I Luv It” marked a significant departure for Cabello, showcasing a more daring and experimental sound.

Reflecting on her musical journey, Cabello explained, “Everything in my life and work led to making this album.” Speaking from Morocco, where she was preparing for a performance, she added, “I’ve touched on aspects of this album before, but it took time to fully realize it.” “I Luv It” serves as an introduction to Cabello’s new era, characterized by its boldness and unpredictability. The album features a diverse range of sounds across its 14 tracks, from reggaeton to ambient alt-pop to dance anthems. Inspired by albums like Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” and Rosalía’s “Motomami,” “C, XOXO” blends genres and formats in an innovative way.

Three tracks on the album prominently feature other artists, including Drake, PinkPantheress, and BLP Kosher. This eclectic approach results in an album that rewards multiple listens, gradually revealing its cohesion and showcasing Cabello’s adventurous side. Much of the album pays homage to Miami, where Cabello grew up after moving from Cuba at the age of six. Songs like “B.O.T.A.” and “Dade County Dreaming” reflect her connection to the city.

A breakthrough moment for Cabello came with the album’s second track, “Chanel No. 5”, which features a quirky piano sample and showcases her unique lyrical style. “That song was a turning point,” she recalled. “It felt like I was tapping into a new side of myself.” The persona she adopts on “C, XOXO” is a heightened version of herself, exuding confidence and strength.

At 27, Cabello has spent over half her life in the public eye. The album candidly explores her experiences with anxiety and self-belief. “Anyone who doesn’t feel down sometimes probably works hard to avoid it,” she noted. Taking a year off from touring was crucial for her personal growth and allowed her to focus on creative pursuits, from music to books and films. This break also led her to experiment with her style, inspired by mood boards and new experiences.

Recording much of the album in Miami, rather than her usual Los Angeles base, Cabello found the city’s influence naturally seeping into her work. This connection to place is reflected in tracks that celebrate Miami’s vibrancy and nightlife.

The release of “I Luv It” initially drew comparisons to Charli XCX’s experimental pop, but “C, XOXO” offers a broader palette, heavily influenced by 2000s hip-hop. Cabello’s album blends various musical styles and structures, moving beyond hyperpop to explore deeper themes.

Despite being marketed as a party record, “C, XOXO” also contains introspective moments. Tracks like “Twentysomethings” and “Dream-Girls” offer a more mature perspective on relationships and friendship.

Unlike her previous albums, “C, XOXO” was created with just two primary collaborators: alt-pop producer El Guincho and Jasper Harris. This close-knit team encouraged Cabello to take creative risks and explore new directions in her music.

The result is an album that highlights Cabello’s talents as a songwriter and her ability to craft catchy melodies. From the heartbreak of “Pretty When I Cry” to the dancehall-infused “Hot Uptown” with Drake, “C, XOXO” showcases a range of emotions and styles.

As Cabello sets off on her tour, starting with a performance at Glastonbury, she looks forward to sharing her new music with fans. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed pride in her work and excitement for the future. “I’m proud of this album and the love it’s already receiving,” she said. “It’s a reflection of my growth and the hard work that went into it.”

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