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Rihanna’s New Glam: When Can You Get Your Hands on Fenty Hair

Rihanna is at it again! The queen of glam and the voice behind hits like ‘Diamonds’ has just dropped some big news—she’s launching Fenty Hair. This music mogul and fashion icon is not just about beats and looks; she’s about to revolutionize hair care too. At 36, Rihanna announced her new venture on social media with a video.

“Guess who’s joining the family?” she teased across her social media channels. “@fentyhair is showing up, and it’s your chance to upgrade your hair game like never before.”

Rihanna gets real about why this is so close to her heart: “Changing up my hair has always been my thing. I’ve rocked every style under the sun—braids, weaves, you name it. That’s why I’m introducing a line that’s all about versatility and making your hair stronger with every style. Time to have fun and strengthen your hair game!”

Wondering when you can grab these goodies? Circle June 13 on your calendar because that’s when Fenty Hair goes live on FENTYHAIR.COM. But here’s a hot tip—sign up early on the website to get exclusive early access to her products.

Rihanna spilled the beans on her latest addition to the Fenty family, hyping it up on social media: “You heard it here first—@fentyhair is the newest fam on the block!!! LAUNCHING 6/13. We know you’ve been waiting so hit up the link in bio and shop before the rest of the world “

Flying high with a net worth of $1.4 billion according to Celebrity Net Worth, Rihanna’s wealth is not just from her chart-toppers. The lion’s share of her fortune comes from her beauty line, Fenty Beauty, a joint venture with luxury powerhouse LVMH, and her 30% stake in the spicy Savage x Fenty lingerie brand. With Fenty Hair, she’s poised to add even more millions to her bankroll, proving once again that everything she touches turns to gold.

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