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Billie Eilish Criticizes Artists Who Release Multiple Vinyl Formats to Inflate Album Sales

In a recent interview with Billboard, Billie Eilish voiced her frustration with artists who release multiple vinyl formats to inflate album sales, describing the practice as “really frustrating.” Alongside her mother, Maggie Baird, Eilish discussed their commitment to environmental activism, particularly focusing on making vinyl production more sustainable.

Eilish highlighted the prevalence of artists producing various vinyl editions to boost sales figures, emphasizing the wastefulness of the approach. She expressed her disappointment in witnessing such practices, especially considering her personal dedication to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Despite vinyl sales contributing towards album chart rankings, Eilish underscored the environmental impact of excessive vinyl production, lamenting the prioritization of commercial success over sustainability efforts. She criticized the trend of artists creating numerous vinyl packages solely to drive up sales figures, labeling it as both wasteful and disheartening.

The phenomenon of artists offering multiple vinyl variants to bolster album sales is widespread. For instance, Taylor Swift‘s 2022 album ‘Midnights’ was released in five different variants, marking a resurgence in vinyl popularity. However, Eilish’s own album ‘Happier Than Ever’ featured eight vinyl variants, albeit with each pressing crafted from 100% recycled vinyl and utilizing eco-friendly packaging.

While acknowledging her own album’s multiple vinyl editions, Eilish emphasized the eco-conscious approach taken, contrasting it with the prevalent use of virgin vinyl and single-use plastic in typical vinyl releases.

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