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Billie Eilish Teases New Album in the Works

It’s been a little over two years since Billie Eilish dropped her highly acclaimed album, “Happier Than Ever,” back in 2021. For eager fans who’ve been patiently waiting for more, here’s some exciting news – it seems like Billie’s third album is on the horizon!

During her recent appearance on Westwood One’s segment, The Cookout, Billie Eilish was probed about her progress on new music, to which she revealed, “There is lots of music coming. There is a whole album of music coming. We’re in the final stages of making it, so that doesn’t mean it’s about to come out, but it is getting there and it’s very exciting.”

While this revelation suggests that the album might not drop before the end of this year, the tantalizing prospect of a 2024 release certainly seems like a possibility.

Billie Eilish also took a moment to address some rumors swirling around her, particularly regarding a potential new documentary. Speculation had arisen when she was spotted wearing a GoPro camera onstage. However, Billie promptly debunked the rumors, stating that there isn’t a film in the works, but she did offer an explanation:

There is no documentary, I can confirm that, that that is not happening. But I’m sure someday, there will be another one. But I put a GoPro on because after the shows, I run out into the crowd and jump up on the barricade and like, grab everybody – really, they grab me, and I just submit to it. I just put myself there, and I’m like, ‘Whatever happens, happens. Whoever grabs what…,’ I submit myself. If I didn’t, if I was gonna be upset with something, I wouldn’t go out there, because that’s a recipe for disaster.

So, I go out there, I stand myself up there, I just open my arms, and I just let them just hug me and grab my arm and… I just think it’s really special to do that, and I get so much out of it, even though it’s terrifying, a little. And those faces, this close to me, screaming in my face, sobbing, is an experience that I don’t think we’re meant to experience, as people.

And every time I do it, I always run right backstage and tell everybody, ‘Wow! I wish you guys could see my POV when I do that, because it is shocking! And so I was like, ‘Can I get a GoPro or something?’ And so I just, for the last show, I just wanted to pop a little GoPro on there and just film my POV, and I did and it’s crazy

Billie Eilish

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