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Rihanna Graces the Cover of Vogue China to Tease the Upcoming Launch of Fenty Beauty in China

Rihanna‘s Fenty Beauty is set to make its debut in China this April, further expanding the brand’s global presence. With Fenty Beauty already a billion-dollar enterprise, Rihanna’s move to tap into the vast market of China, home to over a billion people, comes on the heels of the recent launch in India.

To coincide with the Chinese release, Rihanna graces multiple covers of Vogue China, showcasing a range of ensembles from renowned fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton by Pharrell, as well as pieces from emerging Chinese designers. The collaboration with Vogue China was a collective effort, with Rihanna collaborating closely with editor-in-chief Margaret Zhang and stylist Alvin Yu, among others.

Photographed by Hailun Ma, a prominent visual artist representing China’s post-90s generation, the images capture Rihanna’s essence with a blend of creativity and cultural significance. Hailun’s previous work, notably featured in American Vogue in 2022, highlighted China’s ethnic diversity through a captivating photo essay.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Hailun, Rihanna expressed admiration for the artist’s vision and expertise, stating, “I felt like I could just be a canvas… because I trusted her. I felt like she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew exactly the result she wanted, and she was able to get me there.”

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