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Watch Ariana Grande perform two new ‘Eternal Sunshine’ songs on “SNL”

Ariana Grande made her mark on Saturday Night Live last night, debuting two tracks from her latest album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’. The pop icon took the Studio 8H stage, surrounded by an impressive display of LED screens that added a visually dynamic element to her performances.

The first track, ‘Imperfect For You’, was introduced by Grande’s mother, Joan. The stage transformed into a grassy landscape, with a wheat field backdrop serving as the backdrop for the ‘Eternal Sunshine’ ballad. Grande wrapped up the performance with fireflies flickering in the background, providing a unique touch to the overall aesthetic.

Returning for her second act, Grande performed ‘We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love)’. Set against what appeared to be a casual living room, reminiscent of her recent music video with Evan Peters, the singer unveiled nature-inspired visuals that added a striking visual layer to the performance.

The two live renditions, reflective of the ‘Eternal Sunshine’ vibe, showcased Grande’s musical prowess on Saturday Night Live. Check out the performances below:

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