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Ryan Garcia Confirms He’s Still up for the Fight Against Devin Haney Next Month

Amidst a flurry of unsettling social media posts, Ryan Garcia is standing firm on his commitment to face WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney on April 20. The 25-year-old boxer has recently shared posts that raised eyebrows, alleging childhood trauma, encounters with aliens, and making accusations against Elon Musk.

Garcia’s posts, including a video hinting at a violent incident with satanic references, led to concerns within the boxing community. Garcia later claimed his phone was hacked and assured fans of his safety.

Despite calls to postpone the fight due to his recent behavior, Garcia, in a post early Thursday morning, expressed his focus on training and determination to proceed with the bout. His recent social media activity includes cryptic messages, deleted posts about demons and UFOs, and claims of being targeted and attacked.

Acknowledging his struggles with mental health, including previous admission of suicidal thoughts, Garcia returned to boxing in 2022, suffering his first defeat against Gervonta Davis last year. Despite the controversy, Haney maintains the fight is still on, accusing Garcia of feigning instability for promotional purposes.

The family dynamic adds another layer to the situation, with Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia, downplaying concerns and attributing them to trolling. Garcia’s ex-wife, Andrea Celina, expressed worries about his well-being, suggesting he might be facing oppression despite outward appearances.

As the pre-fight narrative unfolds, Garcia and Haney, set to meet for the seventh time after six amateur encounters, navigate a blend of professional rivalry and personal challenges.

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