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Seven Caucasus/Eurasian Artists You May Never Have Heard of… But Probably Should!

Today we are taking a musical journey through the Caucasus/Eurasia’s rich and varied cultural terrain as we present seven musicians who are making a lasting impression on the world music scene. This region is home to a wealth of musical talent, ranging from Armenia’s talented Marbey to Persia’s Sevdaliza and Georgia’s energetic Megi Gogitidza. We highlight the wide range of sounds and inspirations that define the area.

Come explore the musical diversity that the Caucasus proudly presents to the world in a kaleidoscope.


Brunette started her musical career at the young age of four and became a prolific songwriter by the time she was fifteen. In association with Nvak Foundation, she released her debut single, “Love the Way You Feel,” at the age of 18. A part of Yerevan’s Project 12 group, she afterward became a part of “En aghjiknery” (ThoseGirlz), well-known for the 2022 hit song “Menq.” The songs “Gisher,” “Smoke Break,” and the internet sensation “Bac kapuyt achqerd” by Brunette captured the attention of social media in 2022. Notably, in 2023 she competed for Armenia in Eurovision. Her most recent release, “Aynpes Uzum Em,” is praised for its poetic genius and heartfelt resonance, demonstrating her growing artistic talent.

Megi Gogitidze

Raised in a musical household, Megi Gogitidze began exploring rock, rap, and creative music at a young age. Her great-grandfather was the first baritone in Georgia—she showed early talent and completed a seven-year piano program. Childhood anthems from The Doors, Viktor Tsoi, and B.B. King were influenced by her brother’s varied tastes. 2014 saw Megi’s musical career take off as she advanced to “The Voice of the Country” semifinals and won praise around the country for her song “Nu Geshinia.” Notably, the album’s title single, which debuted in 2019 and received over 22 million views on YouTube, cemented Megi’s reputation outside of Georgia. On May 26, 2023, she received designation as an “Honorary Citizen of the City of Kobuleti” in appreciation of her contributions.


A multi-talented Iranian-Dutch Sevdaliza made a splash in 2015 when she released two EPs titled “The Suspended Kid” and “Children of Silk.” Even though Sevdaliza wrote most of her music in English, she also wrote several Persian songs, such as the 2017 song “Bebin,” which was a moving reaction to Executive Order 13769.

On April 26, 2017, she released her debut album, ISON, on her record company, Twisted Elegance. She released the EP The Calling in 2018 and her second studio album, Shabrang, in 2020, as part of her ongoing artistic journey.


Marbey’s life story, which has its roots in Artsakh and blossomed in Yerevan, is a monument to perseverance and exploration. Her artistic journey was greatly influenced by the stormy backdrop of her wartime birth. When Marbey was younger, her musical talent was discovered, and she entered competitions to hone in. Her latest musical progression, which reflects her search for a unique voice, ranges from jazz to electro-pop and alternative genres. In her most recent single, “Horovel,” she expresses a strong bond with Armenian traditional folk music while paying tribute to her beloved homeland and her Armenian heritage.

In the midst of the challenges faced by my homeland, Artsakh, as both an artist and an Armenian, my desire is to raise my voice and express the tumultuous reality unfolding in my homeland. “Horovel” stands as my proclamation of my connection to my roots.



Irina “IRU” Khechanovi is a singer and composer from Georgia who has left her mark on music history. She rose to prominence as a member of the girl group Candy, winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with their popular song “Candy Music.” She was known for her unique style, stylized as Iru. Iru had a victorious comeback in 2023, winning the fifth season of The Voice Georgia. Her participation in the famous Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 was made possible by this achievement, which cemented her status as a rising star in the dynamic Georgian music scene.


Iranian singer-songwriter Sogand Sohaili creates in both hip-hop and pop genres. Apart from being a singer, Sogand served as a guest judge during the final round of Persia’s Got Talent’s first season and as one of the four judges of the MBC Persia top talent show. Working with vocalists like Behzad Lito, Irfan, Reza Porosh, Teham, Sadegh, Korosh, and others is Sogand’s past experience.

Aleyna Tilki

Aleyna Tilki comes from a multicultural family. She made her television debut at the age of fourteen on Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye, where she became well-known for her rock version of the Turkish folk ballad “Gesi Bağları” in Anatolian style. With her hit “Cevapsız Çınlama,” Tilki won praise from all throughout the country and racked up over 490 million views on YouTube. With 440 million views, “Sen Olsan Bari,” her solo debut, peaked at the top of the Turkish charts. Tilki made history by negotiating with Warner Music for her album and four singles after receiving English instruction in Los Angeles. She started working on projects for the internet platform Exxen in 2020.

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