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Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 Campaign Stars Jeremy Allen White in Iconic NYC Shoot

A remedy for the post-New Year blues emerges in the form of Calvin Klein‘s enticing campaign featuring Jeremy Allen White. Released on Thursday, the renowned designer unveiled a visually stunning shoot captured by the legendary photographer Mert Alas, showcasing The Bear star in a series of delectable photos that can only be described as chef’s kiss-worthy.

The Emmy-nominated actor takes center stage as the face of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 campaign, a project that unfolds against the backdrop of his hometown, New York City. In this collection of images, JAW effortlessly models CK’s latest offerings, including the Intense Power, Micro Stretch, and Micro Mesh styles, alongside the essential Modern Cotton and Cotton Stretch undies—all presented in the iconic black-and-white color palette that defines the brand. Against the charming NYC skyline, White strikes poses on a rooftop.

The visual narrative doesn’t stop with the stills. Calvin Klein’s signature flair extends into a dazzling 50-second video where White, the protagonist, sprints to the rooftop, shedding layers until he is left in nothing but his Calvins. Displaying athleticism, he showcases pull-ups and climbs to the pinnacle of a building before gracefully settling onto an orange couch, all in slow-motion perfection.

In an accompanying video interview, White shares his sentiments about returning to his roots during the campaign shoot in his native city. “I grew up here in New York, and getting in last night and going for a walk around the city and seeing everybody out, it was a beautiful night,” he reflects. Despite residing in Los Angeles for 14 years, White proudly retains a quintessential New York characteristic—opting for public transportation or a fixed-gear bike as his preferred modes of travel.

“People get surprised when I say I still take the train everywhere when I am here,” White explains. “I also ride a fixed-gear bike. I guess that’s a pretty Brooklyn thing these days. That’s how I get around the city mainly is on a single-speed fixed-gear.”

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