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Emily Ratajkowski Rocks Vintage Winter Staple

Emily Ratajkowski took to the streets of New York this morning, showcasing what appears to be her sixth fuzzy outerwear ensemble of the season. The model and actress transformed the sidewalk into her personal runway, adhering to her fashion mantra of reimagining and reusing wardrobe favorites.

What sets Ratajkowski apart is her genuine commitment to donning garments from her closet, defying the celebrity norm of constantly chasing novelty for a fashion statement. In a world where conspicuous consumption often overshadows sustainability, Ratajkowski’s penchant for rewearing her plaid, white fur-trimmed Prada coat from the fall 2017 collection is not only refreshing but also sends a powerful message about appreciating and revisiting timeless pieces.

The striking coat, previously flaunted in January 2018 with ’70s flair, has become a symbol of Ratajkowski’s unapologetic approach to fashion. Pairing it with brown suede kick-flare pants and red stiletto booties, she channeled a character from “American Hustle,” accentuating the look with large gold hoop earrings that harmonized with the buckle and chain of her black Prada crossbody purse.

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