V.H.S. “The Neverending Song”
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The Toxic Relationship Tango: V.H.S.’s New Song “The Never Ending Song”

We heard him with the Welcome song, and now V.H.S. is taking a different turn on his artistic pursuit and pushing to be a voice for men struggling with what is fundamentally a toxic partner. 

The Never Ending Song” is a 5-minute journey through a very artistically presented breakup. It’s a raw, unvarnished look at love gone dangerously wrong complete with a renaissance-inspired wardrobe, dollhouse bathtubs, and a lush jungle ruin feel to its staging. 

The song’s protagonist is trapped in a love that’s more of a life sentence than a romance, with his partner’s threats of departure holding him hostage. V.H.S. paints this suffocating dynamic with the poignant lyrics like: 

“she doesn’t know it, but there’s a gun grasped in her hand nestled into the rat’s nest at the back of his head.”

In a heart-wrenching twist, the song crescendos to a desperate plea – “shoot or put the gun away.” This line encapsulates the breaking point, where staying in the cycle is as unbearable as the thought of its end. It’s a chilling portrayal of how emotional dependency can morph into a life-or-death scenario in the mind of the tormented.

v.h.s. The Never Ending Song

What we feel sets “The Never Ending Song” apart is its ability to weave between the personal and the universality of anchored pain. When relationships reach that toxic brink the mind is not only poisoned by the heart but is driven to its own state of madness. 

By minute 4 V.H.S.’s message is clear, “Hey, we’re stuck on repeat because no one’s learning how to step out of these things.” The song’s perspective bounces around showing us how this crazy kind of love story isn’t just a one-person show. 

Then bam! The song ends with a bang — literally. She walks, he metaphorically ‘bites the dust,’ and what follows is a mental showdown, a tug-of-war between the hero and the villain in his head. It’s like a post-breakup brain boxing match, and let’s just say, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Left with the sound of a gunshot – the final act of a relationship that’s been a slow burn to destruction. Heavy, yes, inspiring, and definitely, a proper music video, without a doubt. 

The shattering of a psyche is displayed in a violently lovely way, bittersweet, where we can’t escape the message and undoubtedly feel the pain vicariously. It has been a year where masculinity and the term “toxicity” have been abundant, V.H.S. is standing up for the men in this world who went through this level of hardship and ended up on the darker side of the equation. There is a solution, that isn’t taking one’s own life, there is a solution that isn’t buried under the puddle of a bathtub. The birth of a hero and a villain within the same broken heart. It’s V.H.S.‘s way of saying that sometimes, the end of a toxic love can feel like death and rebirth, all at once.

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